• My somebody Hates Series 2002-02-10 11:54:55 Soon, probably next weekend I will release my Somebody Hates series of music videos to the public. The Somebody Hates series uses the same song Somebody Hates Me in each video. What is unique about the series is that each video f eature 1 anime. I have one Somebody Hates music video for

    The Tenchi universe/muyo/in tokyo/the movie 1/the movie 2/manatsu eve Series
    The Dragonball/z/gt Series
    The Trigum series
    The Cowboy Bebob/knocking on heaven's door

  • Direct Links 2002-02-09 14:40:32  
  • New Music 2002-02-09 14:36:16 I gobought three new cds yesterday so expect to see some more vids by me from

    Barenaked Ladies
    Reel BIg Fish
  • All Links Back Up 2002-02-08 22:44:30 All of my videos are now in WMV form (can only be used with windows Media Player and Quicktime). They are all zipped (use winzip to unzip the files and then play them). 
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