JOURNAL: MissIndigo

  • Cali rocked. 2002-04-26 02:24:02 I think the title says it all.

    If you ever get the chance to go to San Fran's Japantown, GO. When I wasn't meeting with my fellow cancer jocks I was down there. It rained for all of but one day I was in SF, so J-town was the perfect place to be.

    As some of you know I'm sure, the main shopping area is contained within three credit card was wheezing by the time I walked out of Kinokuniya. That's not counting the stuff and the custom art I bought for my boyfriend! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Rockman or Gundam X stuff he wanted. Guess the series is just too old. :(

    Oh yeah, the Toraya was pretty good too. They had udon! (yeah, so, but..) With TOFU!!! Vegan's dream!!! My local Ichiban must, must do better! 
  • I done it now. 2002-03-25 19:24:57 I guess my skating background draws me to want to use classical pieces with AMV's...I don't know. I have an idea for Night on the Galactic Railroad that uses a remix of one of my to just pick out the right DVD-ROM drive for my computer and I can make this come to life...

    Anyway...what I done now...Mondays I usually go skating. It's a release from the oppression of the laboratory--I have spent entirely too much time there lately and it's time to go be human again. Don't know if it was fatigue or what, but I reach back with my right foot to pick in to perform a flip jump, and next thing I know I am lying on the ice with a tremendous headache, having heard my hard head go thump. About scared the you-know-what out of my coach.

    Lessee...tonight's badges of honor include a bruise over my left eye, a pulled right trapiezus, various pulled neck muscles, a knot the size of a baseball on my left hip, and various other aches and pains I don't know I have yet.

    Tomorrow will be the day of the Advil sandwich lunches and dinners. 
  • Baka! 2002-03-05 17:39:25 Watched American Pie 2 last night and about PML again...

    ...only to find out I had my Love Hina Christmas Special DVD still in the player.

    Normally this wouldn't be a problem.

    However...I loaned an empty DVD case to my boyfriend.



    (36 hours to toxicology test and counting--damnit...I better get the hell off here!) 
  • I hate it when I change my mind. 2002-02-25 02:24:16 But I hate it more when I can't sleep.

    I hate it EVEN more when it's Sunday night/Monday morning and I can't sleep and I SWORE to myself I'd go into school at 7:30 to get a FREAKIN' PEACEFUL jumpstart on the day's work. Long story; I'm sure I'll bitch about it in later entries.

    Been tossing around the idea of whether or not to set a certain Beach Boys song to AMG or LH...I'm kinda stuck on LH right now and I really need to branch out...anyway since I can't sleep I'm clipping from my LH fansubs to put together a draft of another possible video. Aye yi yi...only thing is most of the ideas and images I have I've already incorporated into the in-progress draft of Goodbye to Love. Ugh. Don't want to scrap that though since I've spent some time on it.

    Tomorrow is going to suck. Then again, Mondays always do.

  • Time to decompress... 2002-02-22 00:43:42 Just finished watching the figure skating tonight and all I have to say is WOW. I was more nervous watching this stuff on TV than I was at my last competition! And the best I can hope for are big salchows.

    ...Had to mention that since the video I've been working on was inspired by the sport. Unfortunately, nowhere in Love Hina does Keitaro skate, although I think it might be pretty funny to rip some footage of Midori Ito doing her triple axels and then showing a clip of Keitaro right afterwards and setting up some fake screwed-up judging scenario...and the music would have to be something really schmaltzy and Bizet's "Carmen"...I don't know...kind of an inside joke in the skating world...

    Anyway, have decided that after finishing the Nutcracker video that I must, must, must get a DVD-ROM drive and rip whatever footage I can from my Love Hina DVDs. It turned out quite well and I don't feel like compromising anything ever again. One of Motoko's sword slaps will have to stay compressed until I can get my hands on the DVD for episode 10. Oh well, once I get it compressed and find a host, I hope I can offer the video at 320 x 240 resolution for distribution. At that resolution, the picture is decent, but I like viewing videos full-screen so I want to get as good a quality pic as I can. Hell, if all this comes together, I may put the video in the AMV competition at Animazement this year. Why the heck not, if I can get the picture quality up?

    Only four days to payday, but too long until we get our raise this July. Woo. 
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