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  • Reasons? 2007-04-04 08:22:50 It's interesting, I think I have finally hit the nail right on the head.
    Why exactly have I been slacking off and not making anything all this time?
    Not even a crummy 30 second snippet.

    Answer: Censorship.

    When I really thought about it, the main reason I didn't want to finish an amv let alone even think of starting one was because I knew I would -have- to tone it down and -have- to censor it in some way.
    Not have complete freedom over my video was what I hated most about making an amv.

    I personally couldn't give a rats arse if my amv's don't make convention's I make them so the few metal fans here in this community can sit back, crack open the speakers and let the bitch rip.

    So yes I am getting myself some webspace 10g with 9 terrabyte uploads YES 9TB no shit, using a mates server my domain will be ready in a few days then ill make a really dodgy website to host my video's.

    And yes I have started on this next Metal Compilation, I am working out the kinks in the audio and seeing if the music I have actually molds well, if not to hell with it, I have 20g of music on my hdd at the moment I think I can find something.

  • Going back to square 1 2006-09-20 19:53:13 I'm going back to where I began with ss3_eldrin, before I begin on my new projects I have thought long and hard about creating a new dbz video. I promised myself when creating CA that I would not touch dbz again, sometimes you need to move backward to more forward.

    I have been watching dbz again lately (nothing else to do with no computer), I am returning to wow and am going to get a 1.5mg adsl uncapped connection, things are looking up right now and with this new job secured, my cash flow will be very healthy.

    Tonight I am seeing The Cat Empire, should be a good show never seen them live, their ok nothing special in my opinion but it will be a fun night, just getting out and seeing a band.

    October 3 tuesday night, The Hifi Bar... Cannibal Corpse m/
    It will be awesome seeing the band that got me into metal, seeing Alex Webster slap his bass around will be sweet (he's the reason for me learning it). Not sure who the supporting band will be but if their aussie I have a few ideas. Abbramelin, I killed the prom Queen and maybe aggaloghc (not sure on spelling but its melodic death).

    End of october 20something, Lamb of God, Unearth, Killswitch Engage on the one bill, how fucking awesome is this? Couldn't ask for anything more. Its at a place called The Palace in the 'red light' district of Melbourne. So you get a good show x2 ;)

    Well back to work I guess, oh yeah thats right, this url is going to be my new computer + all the extra's available. 
  • This and that..... 2006-06-20 00:17:24 By the looks of it Globocide has floated away in a mist of nothingness.....
    Guys have come and gone, I am the newest however the co-ordinator himself Farlo may have left for good.

    Things come things go, even if Globocide is dead for the moment when I get my computer back up and running, I shall continue to use my GrindCore Growl with the globocide mushroom.

    Enough of that now... Oh how I have missed the long arse 9hr days 5 days a week at work not including the 2hrs to get too and from here, hey when that wednesday rolls around and I have a big big increase placed into my bank account, it all seems worth it.

    Lots of idea's are comming into my head, as I've mentioned I have retired from WoW, and with the Souldrainer Promotional video in the works (anime -- music) and also a second DeathMetal Compilation (almost 8 minutes running time and around 10 bands) i'm gonna be pretty busy when I get back into it.

    For those that remember I loathe effects... you all know that I hate Euphoria (nothing aganist you Koopy baby, you are most impressive when it comes to your videos) so those out there that like the shit old school, your gonna love these two videos when I can get them started. I have created storyboards using old fasioned pen to paper and my brain is in overload with the amount of Idea's I could use. Damn, I havent felt this way since I first started making amv's with *gulp* dbz....

  • 23/04 Opeth Concert, The Forum 2006-04-23 21:58:21 Supporting Opeth were The Eternal, if you have not heard of them before well, I'm sorry, you are truly missing something great, their local boys Melbourne, Aus and the crowd went nuts, best opening act I have experienced.

    Next were the men themselve's Opeth.

    The track list was as follows: (Please forgive the tracks I forgot the names of, I never did pay attention to anything from Orchid or Still Life, becuase the recodings sucked)

    1. Ghost Of Perdition
    2. From Still Life but not sure on the song.
    3. Not sure at all, just followed into it.
    4. Beneath The Mire
    5. From Orchid Not sure on the song might be The Twilight Is My Robe
    6. The Grand Conjuration m/
    7. The Leper Affinity/Blackwater Park Not sure on which one since I cannot listen to the album atm nor have I heard it in months.

    8. Deliverance m/

    I went nuts, I went absolutly nuts and today I have the worst neck strain from banging my head for 1hr and 45mins minus 15mins of talking and jokes :P funny bastards.
    The tracks from Still Life and Orchid have bene juiced up big time, they were incredible. The Grand Conjuration was spectactular the second best song of the night apart from Deliverance. They even mentioned they didn't have much say in the making of the video and were pissed that they had to cut the song.
    "It was weak", "It was shit" a guy in the crowd yelled, "No it wasn't shit, I've seen worse... Dragonforce." crowd laughs.

    When Opeth finished the lights stayed off so we knew they would come back, we smashed our hands on the tables, stomped the floor and clapped for Opeth, when they returned they played a game with us, guess the riff.
    They then played a small part from Deliverance but mentioned they don't use that shit one anymore, and announced what it was, I went fucking insane and screamed my heart out for them. It's the perfect song to just smash your head to for 8 minutes or so.

    Best of all concerts I've been to easily, I cannot wait for them to come back and It's unfortuinet that I cannot afford the second show tonight, doesn't matter. FUCKING OPETH !!!!!!!!

  • Time and Money 2006-03-27 19:00:19 You have to love it when the computer dies, but having it happen for 2 months on a regular basis is a pain in the arse, finally the motherboard died on me and my cpu isn't compatible with the new chip sets on motherboards these days so Im going to need a new cpu, also PCI-Express has taken over AGP ports, so my GCard is useless now ugh the money just keeps racking up something shocking, about $2k should be enough for me so 3-4months of saving.

    It's not all bad though, I've taken up Bass again getting back into that and enjoying the huge amount of time I have to myself now. Opeth is next month and I havent ruined it by listening to their songs lately, makes me want to see them more now.  
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