JOURNAL: AnimeSaru14 (Maya Flores)

  • Unwilling Back-Up Singer 2004-06-23 20:09:53 Today my bro heard me sing and he wants me to be the back-up singer. I said "no" but apparently it's not going through his head. He tells me it's only until they get a lead singer. >_< THEY BETTER COME SOON! Look, I love my bro (_() I know, I know, touch touchy, yeah yeah yeah moving on...) and his bands cool, BUT I don't want to sing for them. Reason:
    Some of the songs they play curse a little too much for me and I REFUSE to sing songs like that! I like some of the songs that they play, you know, don't get me wrong on that, but it's like almost half of them curse, and I don't want to sing songs like that... You know what I mean? You can call me anything you want, but that's whatI beleive and that's what I'm sticking with, got that?!
    Now I need to eat c ya! *raids fridge* 
  • T_T Waaah! 2004-06-21 21:19:57 Oh!! I downloaded this AMV for Saiyuki called Goku's Back. I'm DYING to see it, but it dosen't work... I realized a while later that the AMV is not in a studio... _ Oh.. THAT'S why I can't see it...
    Well, at fist I didn't know what the purpose of the studio is, but then I realized that it's a small website that holds the AMVs. So! For anyone who's heard about studios and are like..."Huh?!" That just about should explain it all.
    Anyway, back to me! X3 Well, I had this account with Free Webs that used to be used for my site Magical Layer, but I wasn't using it anymore because I needed more space for the site. So! I used that account for my studio, which is called "Magical Layer Studio". ^_^ I'm so proud of it, _ Even though the layout stinks and I know I can do better than that... *cough cough*
    *stomach growls* ~_~ Anou, anou... I'm outta here, I'm STARVIN'! *raids the fridge for food* !_! WEE! RAMEN!!!  
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