JOURNAL: keeso (Jesse Jauhiainen)

  • Happy valentines! New AMV from me! 2012-02-14 11:01:05 Finally after several hours of fighting with ftp server I was able to upload my latest to the site.

    Video Upload System has changed a bit in my opinion. Oo

    Anyways here's link to the new video and let me know what you guys/girls think!

  • I'm back! 2012-02-13 01:48:48 Just wanted to tell you guys that I'm back from a really long break. It's been nearly 7 years since I've announced an new AMV, but this month 2012 I've got a new one for you guys! :)

    I've been working like hell. I really hope it turns out to be my greatest AMV yet.

  • Omg I r 18 2006-11-26 14:06:06 :>

    Although I cant really recall what happened last nite, but meh. :s

    back to the amvs.. --> 
  • rawwwwwwwwwwwwwr 2006-02-26 16:45:02 Oh man tomorrow the school will start again, we had a short vacation from school.. And the vacation was brilliant.. damn we drank a lot of beer on this vacation <.< Anyhow the VCA's are going on and tomorrow the finals will start? :o One of my videos actually made for the semifinal round on three categories. :E YOSHA!

    My next video isn't instrumental and It'll be a great video.. damn I'm actually really proud of it :p

    Anime: Bleach
    Song: Skillet - Under my Skin
    Category: RANDOMACTIONHEROEE / drama.
    Progress: 25%
    Time used: 3weeks.

    I haven't played WoW for like three weeks and again I bought the gamecard... -.-'

    Well well.. I dont usually write journals but somehow I wanted to write something.. And I know that no-one will actually care what I've wrote. :D:D


    I really hope that the "Into the fire" will win on VCA's. ^_#

    Blah.. Oh there's a good tv program going on.. brb --->  
  • Damn WOW 2005-07-16 08:24:36 Goddammit, this world of warcraft takes all of my freetime that I have. I just don't have enough time for amvs, and everything is wow's fault. -.-' (and maybe beer have something to do with use of my freetime :P)Although I have thought my next amv project, which will be a long one. I just simply want to use the adobe after effects in my next amv project. There will be no more cross-fade amvs from me! And cause I want to be a great amv maker, maybe I should donate like the everyone else :P You guys just have to wait for my salary. But everyone have a great summer, don't drink too much and .. don't play WoW. -.-' :DD

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