JOURNAL: Bauzi (Bernd Schäffer)

  • Hello to all my irrelevant subscribers! ;/ 2018-08-27 07:06:47 This is me rambling about random events happening on the internet. Some might find it useful. Right now I have a surge of YouTube subscribers since 4 months or so. First I thought of a new wave of bots and fake accounts swarming YouTube. After all: Why me? This question still remains.

    You see I usually have about 200 to 300 subscribers. Fine! I would like to have more, but if not more people find my videos enough interessting to subscribe or watch, so be it. In the end I have quite a lot of people that I actually know in real life as my subscribers (which is nice!). However in the last couple of months I got to nearly 2150 subscribers so wtf happend?
    A silly little video of my got shared and "exploded" (for my humble situation. It's still not even a quantum on the internet). It's this video:

    Well it had an estimated view count of ~30.000 a year ago and now it has ~470k views. Should I be excited? Ehhh... I like the video, i apprciate it somehow, but those are all irrelevant subscribers! I don't have the feeling that they are interessted in my other stuff. My CORE stuff! AMVs and such. All feels hollow to me. It's just numbers. I got about... 2 or maybe 3 more comments on that video. Wow... that's really not a lot and some of them I have to decipher.

    The whole situation is just weird to me. If I get back into YouTube partnership because of it, I will laugh my ass off! I should probably use that extra steam I get and make and release something new. We might see where that goes. Somehow I feel like 12 again, discovering the quirks of the net and it's only community again. 
  • New AMV! Don't Leave Me Alone 2017-08-25 15:54:27 Wow I'm on a role this year. I made way more AMVs than the last few years and I don't think that they suck at all. This feels great.

    Here is the next new release:
    It's pure fan food for Ghost In The Shell lovers. Batou x Motoko forever!!! 
  • New AMV! HYPERLUST (Glitchart in an AMV, 1st place @Nippon Nation 2017) 2017-07-14 10:08:58

    Yes it's here. My newest AMV and I'm so glad that I really picked up that idea and finished it. This it new to me. I really like glitchart, but have never truly seen them in AMVs. They might be emulated with VFX, but they are not "the real deal". This right here is the real deal. Using Datamoshing, databending etc to get the look.

    Watch it and I highly encourage you to give me feedback on it! Is glitchart in AMVs a thing? 
  • New AMV! Kreuzvideorätsel 2017-05-29 16:24:37

    It has german hip hop. Has 141 animes in it. One a first place price this weekend and spawned it's own AMV-philosophy! You can read more in the video description or be a part of the discussion: 
  • New AMV! Ambiance - Ascension et chute 2017-02-08 16:38:57 I have something quite different for you today. It's a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki with classical music, nice colours and 59,98 fps. Check it out and share your opinion and thoughts with me:

    I really would like to hear them, because I made a lot of experiments in this AMV.

    Oh wow! Awesome list, Ben. I just overviewed your top lists and you really seem to have a lot of thoughts on the videos. I will defiantly check those lists out :D I appreciate that work! It's something you don't see a lot for AMVs. 
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