JOURNAL: MikaelJuha (Banned Account)

  • beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen a long time since i journaled!!! 2005-06-26 06:26:45 been hella long time since i posted lol, is my email, pst me there bout whatever - -  
  • making buddies is pretty cool 2004-10-07 03:33:53 made a new friend on counter strike; that first person shooter. We were doin leet-skeet level were its basically one team is a target while the other snipes, and my game name was Alien, and his was Riply, and we were like REEE!! it was so damn funny lol, i duno, you had to be there to see it methinks, oh well, its great making buddies en stuff. 
  • nice talkin to a wall of a journal, its cool i guess 2004-09-23 05:41:40 i just read my first opinion, lol and man i'm on the top of the world now, okei um i'm working on a remastered version of Final Chapters with more footage and all, but space is kinda hard to work with, so i'll do the best i that i can, ttyl journal lol 
  • first vid is up and running! yay 2004-09-22 05:09:46 The first video uploaded, and a driven obsession to make more...

    i love this site, i think after i got that first vid uploaded, i feel a little more attached to this site perhaps, so in respect for this site i will donate 15 bucks for its progression, i mean heck after realizing what this site provides, they need the help lol

    oh well i feel on top of the world after having my first uploaded vid online, oh life is good 
  • same old same old 2004-09-21 04:53:13 i bought video games instead of a cat, is that good? i duno, oh well at least me and my friends are loving burn out 3 right now, college and its reading is killing me, and i need to get out and see movies more, hmm that's all, ttyl journal thingy that the whole god damn world can see unless i make it private, although hackers can still see it, oh well, god bless those hackers.
    for i am one lol, if you leave your web cam on, likely a person like me and a bunch of other friends can tap into it, how do we do that, is totally our secret, tee hee, life is good when your deranged and all 
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