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  • Oh Shit, life! 2007-02-21 06:47:40 So, lots of new stuff.

    V-day was lots of fun. I enjoyed the band, but enjoyed hanging out with Sabrina even more. After our trip out too LA I managed to ask her if we were really going out now. I was very happy to learn we were. It must of have seemed dumb to her, maybe, but I'm still learning how this works. I feel like I'm trying to work though 9 years of repression in a period of a few months.

    I've never had a Girlfriend before. I know at my age this must seem a little creepy, but I know there are many (good) people in my situation. I've told her about my lack of any experience, no girl friends ever. I hope that doesn't freak her out too much. It doesn't matter, I'm not willing to lie about it anyway. And I get the feeling that she had a clue.

    For me, it was a case of not looking, not found. I rarely ever found girls I was interested in, only 2 excluding Sabrina actually, and when I did I never had the guts to do anything about it. I'm pretty happy these days though, and so far I think it was well worth the wait.

    So while I'm pretty happy, now I worry a lot. I worry I'm asking for too much of her time, you know, being too clingy. I worry I'm going to bore her. I worry I'm going to screw up my grades with out realizing it and get kicked out of the school. I worry I'm going too fast, so I'm trying to slow down a little. And I worry about her well being a lot too, with her back problems and what not. I can only hope my worries aren't well founded. In the end all I can do is continue to be me and always tell the truth, and hope for the best. Maybe I should trim up my beard a bit though, it's even starting to bug me a little.

    Well that's the most interesting thing going on with me right now, but here some other things.

    I've been rolling int he firsts lately. Tonight I got a my first traffic ticket. I was speeding on the highway, with NO ONE FUCKING AROUND AT ALL. I don't know where the cop came from. I was driving my mom's Prius which believe it or not is much faster than my jeep. So I'm sure I was going faster than normal, but not recklessly fast. Well there's something else to worry about. I guess I wasn't going to need the 8 hours for traffic school and 200 some-odd dollars to pay for it anyway, right? ...Wow, I hope I can go to traffic school, other wise it's going to suck even more.

    I've decided to lose some weight. This decision is partly fueled by my own desire to see what I look like with less weight, and cause I think Sabrina would be happier. I'm using a 3 step plan.

    1. Cut down my consumption in half. It's going well so far, I'm not nearly as hungry as I thought I would be. I'm hungry right now though, but I'm learning to be ok with that, plus less food is filling me up these days.

    2. Some light exercise. I just don't have the energy to do 4 hour work out days anymore, but I figure a mile or so of swimming, and some push-up/situps a few times a week couldn't hurt. I've never tried to lose weight by cutting down on consumption, (what I ate, yes, how much, no) so this should work even though nothing ever has before.

    3. Try not to eat later than 6:00 pm. This one is proving to be the hardest to do. Often I'm really can't eat till later due to my class schedule. Also there are times when I'm hungry, other people are hungry, and it would be rude not to eat something.

    So far no big results, but I'm not gaining weight. I'm also not getting enough exercise yet. I want to work out at least 3 times a week, and so far I've only done it two times a week. My clothes do seem to be losser already though, and my belt fits tigher. I'm getting a little stronger too, the swimming is already becoming easier. It's only been a week, so I don't think I should expect anything yet anyway.

    Looks like I'm going to a comedy club this friday to help Sabrina out with a gig. I'm a little worried about our lack of equipment, but I think we'll do fine, plus comdey is awesome. There is a band playing that Sabrina really likes that night too, it would be cool if we could do both it's hard to say though.

    Well I got into writting this cause I was ignoring a paper I need to write, like always. Time to get to that, doesn't look like I'll be sleeping today. -_-


    Wait, you mean like be professional?  
  • The News 2007-02-14 06:35:48 So, school started, I have a pretty good idea what all my my classes are like. I've not bought any books yet, but I think I'm going to need to buy a few. My audio book for one, and maybe my film history book, well, that is if he is really going to assign questions out of it. I should double check that before it gets too late.

    I've been working only a few hours a week, but I've been really away from home a lot this semester. My mom's starting to become a little lonely, which worries me. Guess it's better for her to get used to it a little bit now, I'm not going to be living with her forever, or even that much longer, I hope he finds someone else to keep her company, or at least a little more peace, by the time, or soon after I move on.

    As close as it feels, it's still 6 months to a year away before I make it out on my own. Home until over 24 or later seems somewhat late to me, but it's more average these days. Almost everyone is either home with their parents, or living off their parents money at this age. If they aren't they aren't going to college, or in some way preparing to improve their own lives. I don't imagine that once I leave I'll be gone for good either. With the Job Market as unstable as it is, I may end up back home sometime after I leave, hopefully never to long. It's hard but I'd like to stay in the area if I could, unless there are some pretty good reasons to move away. Money is one, but a lot of people pay people to do what I want to do here.

    But enough of future plans, what else is going on right now? My friends seem to be stuck. Adam's going to graduate, but has no clue what he want's to do with his English Degree. Geo is going to be stuck in school for at least another year it seems, just to be a Teacher. It's not his fault but it really sucks, 6 years in school to be a teacher, ouch. I can't talk down to anyone, I haven't learned a trade in school. I don't know much more now than when I went in, and most of the stuff I learned I won't be using in my dream job.

    Today is Valentines day. I'm going to be celebrating it for the first time. I'm also going to be ditching a class for the first time for a reason other than death, I think ever. Is my goody two shoes personalty in danger?! Probably not too much, but I could use the stick pulled out of my ass every once in a while. Is this the result of rebelling against extremely liberal hippy parents? My mom always used to joke I was going to grow up and be a Republican out of spite, but there's at least no chance of that.

    Tommrow's going to be busy. I have to take David's brother Danny to school (long story) and then I need to go to work, get some shopping done, and then go to school for a bit. And I only have 4 hours of time left to sleep. I really should be doing that.



    (upon seeing my AMV Journal a few months ago)
    David: That's a Diary, Diaries are gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
    Me: But, it's a Journal, Journals are manly.
    David: Alright, so your saying it's not all the way gay.
    Me: I bet Hemingway had a Journal and there isn't anyone fucking manlier then him.
    David: Knowing that is gay too.
    Me: At least I don't wear an apron.  
  • 1 year and 3 months later (Hits 3266) 2007-01-29 04:13:06 HOLY!

    Well I guess I'm back but not really. Again, not like I was ever really "here" in the first place, that is to say not that anyone but me has ever read this. (3266 are just surely just the hits of people who clicked randomly) Since I've been using to commucate with Sabrina (hi?) online, I've decided to at least catch up the last year or so. I doubt anyone besides me will ever read this but since the this iis the closest thing I have to persoal type journal I figgured it would be nice to have some record of the last year or so.

    First the big events. My hero passed away 4/30/06. If in the future I don't know who I'm talking about I don't deserve to remember. I'm taking it way better than I ever thought I would, I think. Hard to know, no?

    Alright enough of that depressing crap, what's postive? Well I guess since my last post, I've:

    -Graduated El Camino Collage and recived an AA FILM Degree (with Honers)
    -Tranfered to Long Beach State where I have already compleated 3 full semesters
    -Joined a Club (Anime Club) for a year and a half and made new freinds.
    -Got addmited into Production Option 2 (Which I understand is like getting into the production option only not getting into the production option. Why did I let that guy talk me into this? At least I get to take all the classes I want.)
    -Saw The Pillows live in concert. (or is it on stage?)
    -Met Long time internet freind Josh from New York (who is now Josh from China) though he didn't really get to meet the best "me" due to events in april. (He stayed with us for a few days in July)
    -Went to Hawaii for 10 days with friends and family.
    -Proven once and for all that my Dad indeed wasn't doing my homework all these years (there may still be doubters, HA!)
    -Bought a HD TV (Xmas type present to my self, and also a lot of other peoples x-mas presents to them, thanks guys, I got you what I aways wanted. >_<)
    -Sold the Rav4 (Well it will be sold up coming Wednesday)

    It's the night before my last semester before I get a BA in film. I'm not sure if it's going to be my last semester in collage or not. I can't imagine a masters degree would be anything more than an exspinive waste of time, but the thought of moving from the safty of school the crapyness of the real workplace is pretty unappealing. However, I'm sure things will work out, they often do.

    In the last few months the dogs have eaten like 300$ worth of stuff. They ate a remote today, so I can't watch stuff on my DVD player. It's getting old though I love them to much to do anything drastic, I need to look into a solution in behavior modification. Or just closing my door over when I leave. (they only do bad thing when alone)

    Things that "didn't" happen in the last year:

    -Didn't start drinking
    -Didn't join a masters swim team. (4:30 am pratice times not looking any later yet)
    -Didn't Win the lotto
    -Didn't lose any friends
    -Didn't go to Japan
    -Didn't really go to AX 2006
    -Didn't finish an AMV
    -Didn't start any non-amv personal projects
    -Didn't go to Vagas (didn't do this like 10 times)
    -Didn't get an intership
    -Didn't get kicked out of the house
    -Didn't move out of the house
    -Didn't start sleeping at normal times

    So I guess I've had a few victorys in the last year or so, but I still feel like I'm missing a whole lot. I hope I can figgure it all out before I graduate. Hopefuly I remember to write in here more often, so I can have more detailed accounts of things, rather than these sort of huge over view posts.

    Here's too hoping.

    Randomness: (Link related?)  
  • I forgot the randomness 2005-09-26 07:05:36 I forgot I even used to do that, but I'm going to make it so that I still do that.

    Randomness - Never turn down free pizza in my presence again! 
  • Working on a video... 2005-09-26 07:00:43 Wow, it's been about 10 months since my last post... >_>

    I'm still making amvs, kind of. I'm working on one, a few minutes a week at the moment, though it's kind of stalled. I may cut it and turn it into a multi song cut video or something, because I really like parts of it but disslike the a lot. And the balck spaces are not really filling up.

    While I've not been working on amvs much, I am still watching a LOT of anime, more than ever before i think. I've just been busy, or maybe it's a lack of amv ideas, but I as of late the projects have had very little time spent towards them. I'm going to finish this amv though, in one form or the other... 
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