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  • Project A-kon 14 2003-06-03 11:47:36 Well, like last year, I think I'll at least mention the winners here though I've already done so in my LiveJournal. However, none of the mysterious folks who read this one should know what the link is-unless of course, they are someone I know and did not know they read my journal type stuff. Anywho's, on the ballot, only the song title and anime used were provided. And I am too lazy to go look up the rest of the desired information right now. And the winner's were...

    Judge's Choice: My Funny Valentine - Cowboy Bebop
    Viewer's Choice: Yatta! - Various
    Technical Merit: Disco Science - Initial D
    Artistic (there was a tie): Superman - Trigun/My Funny Valentine - Cowboy Bebop 
  • Finally, another amv made 2002-11-22 14:31:01 Well, I finally got around to making a second amv. So far, my friends that have seen it have said some very positive things and now that I finally got the link posted here, I'm getting hits. Hopefully, I'll get some opinions. Even though for a long time, I thought the next project was going to be something with Cowboy Bebop, I ended up doing something serious with X. I'm glad I did. X isn't a favorite series of mine, but I appreciate it much more now that I've made this piece. =) 
  • A-kon 13 winners 2002-06-07 00:25:34 I said I might type up the winners later, so here I am.

    Best Artistic Video went to Brad DeMosse for his piece featuring the theme from On Golden Pond to the anime Pon Poko.

    Best Technical Merit also went to Brad DeMosse for the video featuring Too Much Information by Duran Duran using the anime Macross Plus.

    Fan's Choice and Best Overall went to Ryan Molina (Castor Troy) for Dragon Bebop Z. 'Twas a Tainted Donuts style mix of DBZ and Bebop that resulted in many laughs and excellent editing.

    Judge's Choice went to Daniel Cecava (has the username of rubyeye here) for his video of Gundam 08th MS Team to Nightwish's Tenth Man Down.

    An Honorary award was given to a Bridget Mitchell for Card Captor Sakura music video done to Brother my Brother. She's 10 and could only get the clips by holding a camcorder up to the TV.

    And that was it.  
  • Return from A-kon 13 2002-06-03 20:39:36 I'm gonna keep it short since dinner's almost ready. Well, my vid was shown at A-kon 13 this year. 'Twas #34 out of 44 that were shown and was preceded by 2 drama Evangelion music videos, one of which was the second EVA music video to use Linkin Park's song In the End-a song which I dislike fyi.

    Anywho's, my brain was a bit numb due to the overwhelming amount of entries and my disappointment-I'm not a big fan of drama type AMVs which were quite popular for making this year.

    I didn't win anything-not that I was expecting too, heh. I will say that I enjoyed all of the winning videos which I might type up about later but the spaghetti is calling to me.  
  • "You dare call this a supreme killing art?" -Battousai 2002-02-12 17:19:47 Wooooo! I'm still in Kenshin mode, heh. I finally finished watching the Kyoto Arc. Man, that was awesome. Now I've gone into reading the manga 'cause of what I've heard about the two veering from each other. I may check out the episodes after the Kyoto Arc, most likely by renting tapes when they're no longer new releases at Excalibur*. I'll probably watch the first OVA again sometime since it has been awhile since I last saw it.

    AMV ideas are swarming. I have to get Premiere 6.0 again, hopefully from an online friend. Someone sent me a couple of links to some warez sites. Aside from unwanted porn ads being shoved in my face, I didn't find Premiere 6.0 to be available either. But hey, for me, a lot of the work comes in just getting the clips I want to use, so I can do that in the meantime. If worse comes to worse, I may just try Premiere 5.0 AGAIN.

    Been checking out those Viewer's Choice Awards for Heh, my one little video I've done didn't even qualify. It premiered January 1, 2002 and the deadline was December 31, 2001. I find that so funny. Of course, with 0 opinions and 250 or so hits, I don't know how it'd fare in the midst of everything anyway. I was able to congratulate Meri though and am very happy for her. ^^

    Oh yeah, and lately, I saw a couple of cool vids, among them Carol of the Battousai and I forget the title, but it's Bastard! to the Holy Handgrenade Monty Python sketch. Take that as Kitty's recommendations for this entry since I know you all secretly value my opinion on some high...uh...hold on....level of judgment that makes the be-all end-all truth of AMVs. 'Cause I'm just SO POPULAR HERE! Yeah, not really. But I still think they're both really good, so whoever reads this may want to take a looksie at them.

    *Excalibur Comics in San Antonio is a place where one can rent anime DVDs and tapes. 'Tis a godsend. ^^ 
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