• Yaoi Con 2005-09-02 15:38:05 I have 2 AMV's I'm submitting to Yaoi Con this year. 'YAOI!' is finished and my second AMV is in progress. No set title yet.

    BLood Never lies is posted. I would love to here opinions. Lots of Star scores, that doesn't help me on the technical issues I need to work on. So blast away! 
  • Update 2005-05-18 17:56:01 I finished my second AMV May 1st. Hopefully it will be played at Fanime. I will upload early June. 
  • Uploading 2004-12-07 16:22:48 I'll be uploading Faces of Dr. Muraki as soon as I can.... I really need a better internet computer at home. *le-sigh*

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