JOURNAL: maricela (Angelica & Maricela Reynoso)

  • Quick Comments :) 2016-04-23 04:33:47 Quick Comments For: Anime Mix: Thank You For Loving Me

    2016-04-22 08:34:31Very emotional, touches the heart.

    ~ Thank you so much <3 I haven't written a journal entry in years.

    btw, is it me or does this website feel lonely.. There aren't many new vids .  
  • New Record & Quick comments ^o^ 2010-07-13 00:08:20 My newest amv WR - Never-ending Road- request by GodaiMH & Family is doing very avg: 1.67 & I added no watermark * this amv is a real challenge too ;( *

    Here is link to my amv:

    This is proof that Watermark has nothing to do with the score of the amv ^^; I wonder why its doing so poorly...

    Moving on ^^

    Quick Comments For: Clannad- This Tomoya Swear

    * 2010-07-05 16:45:52:) awesome

    Quick Comments For: Clannad- Tears of an Angel

    * 2010-07-05 16:45:40Sad but good:)
    * 2010-06-25 02:01:03it mad me want to cry and smile at the same time, it was really good it did take me a while though to realize you synced the clips to the lyrics and not the beat
    * 2010-06-24 13:56:06I love it, but the black contour is annoying.
    * 2010-06-24 13:14:45Very Nice - Great job! ~Ranmaman

    Thank you so much ^^

  • -______- ; 2010-06-14 08:00:22 Quick Comments For: Junjo - Can't say

    * 2010-06-14 07:42:47fuck yaoi

    Why did this person download this amv? I added a warning on my vid * Read before you download* Correction, its not a yaoi vid since the video doesn't go beyond kissing ^^; Its shounen-ai

    Man, I thought I finally had a good comment for this amv too ;(  
  • New amv ^^ 2010-05-23 00:24:20 My 2nd Junjo amv ^^ This amv is focus on all 3 couples of the series: Romantica ( Akihiko X Misaki), Egoist ( Nowaki X Hiroki) & Terrorist ( Miyagi X Shinobu)^^ * Remastered version of an old amv * Check it out if you are interested in Junjo or in shounen-ai ( My amv is not yaoi since I didn't use any graphic scenes) ^O^

    I hope you enjoy ^-^ 
  • Quick comments ^-^ & New amv ^^ 2010-02-27 22:18:15 Quick Comments For: Jack X Gil X OZ - Never be the same ( manga slideshow w/ anime)

    * 2010-02-26 04:01:17Brilliant amv! =]

    Quick Comments For: Tribute to Lelouch X Shirley - You Don't know who I am

    * 2010-02-22 21:48:24so good it makes me wanna cry T-T

    Quick Comments For: Oz x Alice x Jack - Angel in my Heart

    * 2010-02-22 10:27:43love it! jack-sama!!!

    Quick Comments For: Mikage X Teito & Yoite X Miharu - You were there

    * 2010-02-16 19:14:03that was cute !!

    Quick Comments For: X- Angels (Betrayal)

    * 2010-02-15 14:01:54Awesome, moving AMV that illustrates the complexities of their relationship!

    Quick Comments For: Sanzo X Goku crash & burn

    * 2010-02-13 18:10:52well done ^^

    Quick Comments For: bye bye bye Goku

    * 2010-02-13 18:05:31almost 100% perfect :)

    Thanks to everyone who downloads & enjoys our amvs ^O^ It means a lot to us *O*

    For those of you who are interested in Kobato ^^ I made a new ( and my first) Kobato amv * This amv is focused on Fujimoto* :D Check it out if you are interested 
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