JOURNAL: Blue Fox (Aoi Kitsune)

  • Back 2004-12-21 03:28:16 Alrite koo i got a new computer! And internet! In fact I just finished a new Inuyasha/Kikyou vid I hope to upload tommorow or the day after. It's still saving but I think my vidz mite get a lot better from now on since the lag is all gone and such...yea...WHEE! 
  • D i s s a p e a r i n g 2004-11-03 17:38:47 I've been here for less than a year but i've gotten some fans, some's all good. Had fun making my music vids, reached #25 recently. My friend Narutobattousai says I'm the only one who makes decent Teen Titans vids. =p

    But I'm taking a good long break, if not dropping, amvs. Not because I want to...

    This computer has these lag spikes that would just totally slow all of the computer for about 30-45s, but frequent. This would mostly occur during watching a vid, playing a game, or some other stuff. But since yesterday the lag has been unbearable. It's been coming more frequently, more easily triggered, and they've been longer. They can be triggered by having AIM and the internet opened. They can be triggered by having just a small song playing and such. Yeah, anyway...

    If i get a new computer over the holidays from my dad, I'll make music vids prolly during early or mid-January. If not...then i'll probably drop it unless i tone down the lag spikes enuff.

    Funny, in all the time I've been here i've only done 3 entries. The first two were when i was starting out (on the site, not on vids)

    By the way, Kerry shouldn't have conceded, the bastard. He should have kept going and atleast had a chance at winning. Now we have freaky-deaky-Bush for another four years. Watch out 'Nam, here comes Iraq!


    "Let it be known to this day, that all who oppose me will face my blade! All who oppose, all who tremble, all who disrespect, their heads will fall to their feet." - Aoi Kitsune 
  • another day 2004-01-27 16:46:18 hm, well i managed to upload my vid and confirm it (just confirmed it). I hope people like it. It's called Malevolant Revolution, its an Inuyasha amv, with the way overused song, In the End by linkin park, but hey its a good song, not as good as faint or numb, but still. If you decide to watch it, please leave feedback, even if it sucks. As i've said, im not trying to top anyone, i just make em...

    "Face it, if crime didn't pay, there would be very few criminals" 
  • Does anybody actually read these? 2004-01-25 19:17:46 hm, well my first day at this site, not a big deal My FTP isnt working so i'll upload an amv later, or just try to get a new one, tho i have entered the amv. In two weeks i can start downloadin. Theres a high chance i'll finish my new one by then. I cant use any good potential, though. This computer really, really sucks. when im working on an amv, lag spikes every thirty seconds! O_O I dont care though, im not trying to top ne1. Don't care if mine suck or not, i just make em. Does anybody even read these?

    Note to self: find a way to get a new computer, this time without cops on my back 
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