JOURNAL: Ayushima (Ron Esty)

  • たんじょうび 2007-05-16 00:48:16 Happy 20th. 
  • FINALLY (and anything can happen) 2007-05-01 04:14:04 It took forever, most just because I was lazy, but then I wanted to wait until Kawaii kon is over, but it's over. The Lord of the Sennen Ringu series is OVER! Fellowship is done and uploaded!! Now I can make some actual music videos!!

    God how many did I start? I swear when I got into rough points with the LOSR series i started making like 5 different vids. I should finish some of them. I like the Higurashi one, I think I'll finish that first.

    But wait, that's not all. Here's a story:

    For Kawaii-Kon 2007 I spent the majority of the convention in the AMV panels. I really enjoyed it, and I bet I got more out of it than most of the others there. Most of the panels were hosted by the technical director for the con who also happened to be the AMV contest judge. He kept showing this one really short Lupin vid and he kept saying "If you can get in and get out quickly, that's a good way to do it." I felt horrible, I had sent in my entire Lord of the Ringu series into the contest, he must have hated it.

    And of course they decide to give out the awards at the closing ceremonies so I ad to stay all day on Sunday to find out who won the contest. (though I did get to hear Vic tell off a bunch of FMA yaoi fangirls, always nice to hear. I'm sorry, yaoi doesn't belong in FMA) So finally they're giving out awards, and I wonder if I could get at least 3rd place, just wishful thinking I guess. They annouce 3rd place and 2nd place and I feel down. Then they say they're going to call the winner's phone and I assume that it was the same as last year, they had to call the winner because he had just sent in his video, he didn't attend the con. So the judge dials the number.

    My phone rings.

    I freeze.

    No way.


    "Congrats Sharon, you win."

    NO WAY!!! Since when does a Yugioh amv win ANYTHING?!!

    I have had my natural high for the year. I never thought I would win first place. (everyone hopes though) It's so cool, I won my first con. I hope to get more but that means I actually have to finish my vids.

    (sigh) I am the world's slowest AMV maker. I'm not proud of it.

    But hey, if it works, it's not the wrong way, says Peter Jackson.  
  • yyYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! 2005-09-11 03:57:33 Finally!! I have done it! I have managed to combine the good visuals with the larger screen size! AND IT'S ONLY 30 MB!! YEESSS!! i am persistent to hell!!! I've been b****in with this program for the past year, and I have FINALLY MADE IT WORK!!! GO ME!! Now I can put me f****** vid on the site!! 
  • Techno is messed up 2005-08-29 03:13:33 This is so not fair.

    If I make an AVI file of the Return of the King Trailer, it comes out full screen but its like 400 MBs. The video quality's good but not great.

    But if I make it a Windows Media Video/Audio File, it comes out like 6 MBs, but it's half screen size. It looks good, but fuzzy when you make it full screen. There is a place where I can adjust scale, but it comes out the same size every time anyway! Ack! Why can't I do in between?!

    I wish the Scale setting would actually listen to me. Then again there are about fifty settings for the Windows Media compressor. Will any of them have a larger scale? I'll have to see now won't I?

    Hawaii's warm, but not too hot. This maybe a horrible thing to say, but I like not having a roommate, partly because my stuff all over the room. I don't think they're going to put anyone else in here until next semester anyway.

    Saw an anime called Chrono Crusade. I like it, but the 'holy society with firearms' thing is getting a little old. I know i'm not the one to talk about originality. But Chrono's so cute! He's such a cute little devil! (literally) Great, another anime to add to my eventual secret AMV.  
  • Hello, i just started this journal thing 2005-08-22 23:11:49 Hey, I haven't done a journal entry yet, I'm trying it out.

    So the return of the king trailer is basically done, I just have to upload it, but i keep wanting to fix it. My sis says it's good but i don't believe her. Well, I thought the 2 towers one could have been better too, and that turned out okay.

    Imouto keeps telling me to work on the Seto tribute. i am, but I wanted to recovered my Houshin engi music vid too. The old program just sucked so bad, it couldn't make it into a full vid, the comp kept shutting down. But yeah, if I can finish the one a lost, I feel better. I am working on Seto tribute, but I want Seto to be great. I'm not too proud of some of the yugioh vids I've seen in cons. But that's just my opinion.

    Well that's my AMV update. I'll talk later.  
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