JOURNAL: Epochof7 (Charles )

  • 2003-02-07 20:48:24 To anyone who attempted to download Cursed Fate or Snow Covered dreams, but hasn't been able too, here's your chance! I'm reencoding the videos both for upload. I'll update my journal when I get it online, and then I command you guys to d/l the vids as much as possible, and hopefully some reviews? 
  • *throttles self* 2003-01-26 17:05:23 I missed the superbowl kickoff cause I was trying to get the ending to my Jin Roh video to work out right, and I'm so stressed I'm temporarily giving up. ARGH... oh well, all I wanted to do was watch the superbowl and throw Crakles (A captian crunch ripoff brand at Safeway, featuring a very cracked out squirrel on the box) at the screen, and watch the ensuing riots that'll set San Diego aflame.  
  • Need Bebop DVDs... 2003-01-24 21:56:07 and I don't have them. If anyone's willing to let me borrow them, email me at I can trade shit, like cool fansubs and AMVs for them, I'll only need them for about a week *sniff* please?

    Amyways, got half a minute left in my new AMV, then time to hunker down and make it pretty. From personal experience of makeing some drama videos that only I and a handful of poeple liked, your vision of how the story is isn't enough. Look at my GitS video, which while it remains one of my personal favorites, many were left with a feeling of Blah after watching it... or maybe it was the fact I used Linkin Park. Well, this new Jin Roh video will hopefully not leave anyone with a "blah" feeling, but more of a "Goddamn that was cool! I need to watch Jin Roh!". Well, one problem I fixed was the music... I used a largely unknown in the states singer named Mylène Farmer, who does an awesome song based on a latin chant.

    Though, I admit the song is cheating, it's too damn cool.

    Also, anyone know a good way to rip PS2 movies on a mac? Again, if you have answers, email me :D

  • On that note... 2003-01-23 13:15:33 Sweet jebus I used that line far too much in my last journal entry 
  • I haven't been here in FOR-EVAH 2003-01-23 12:13:30 Yeah, blam it on life and work. I'm taking my senior seminar this quarter, so productivity will be down :-D After that, though, I pledge to sit down and crank out some videos.

    On that note, I'm almost finished with a Jin Roh video which I hope is met with the same level of praise as my Kenshin vid, Snow Covered Dreams, because that would kick ass.

    Also, on that note, once I pay off my CC and speeding ticket, I plan to donate somewhere between $50~100 to this site... Phade, you kick ass for all of your work.

    On that note, I have several interesting video ideas, not excluding a Cowboy Bebop comedy video that will get me banned from all major AMV circles, an Utena movie action, a Captain Taylor OAV action, and a nigh on psychotic Eva horror vid. :-D it's gonna be a beautiful year.

    On that note, I will rabidly suggest that everyone check out Wolf's Rain and Her and Her Cat. Both are irrestably awesome (with the later being a short film/anime)

    PS this has been keeping me amused with more (humorous) quotable lines than our "Beloved" president Shrub 
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