JOURNAL: Rozard (Brian Nickerson)

  • lol Sammy 2005-06-22 22:36:51 You're special like Special Olympics 
  • New AMV 2004-04-15 03:18:39 
  • 2004-03-24 17:41:33 BLACK MONARCH, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?1?!/1?ONE 
  • wewt 2004-03-23 08:41:29 :up: Castor 
  • Huh 2004-03-23 01:46:11 Thought this was interesting. I contacted the creator of the thread for a little damage control. It seems like no one's really pissed that the NES Project was done, but they just wished that the people whose remixes were used were notified that they were being used. 
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