JOURNAL: LostChild343

  • world sux 2004-01-24 09:19:32 ok first of all my skool is seriously on something! i mean if someone is "Bullying" someone else some weird teacher comes and reads a book like for kindergarteners. Also they say that EVERYONE is nice BUT THEY AINT! everyone just acts nice in front of the stupid principle.
    What pisses me off even more is how people are stereo types!! I mean people think i follow the devil just becuase i listen to Linkin Park, Evanescence and smile empty soul They think you should fit in if you litsen to rap and country(i dont kno why). Me and muh buds hang out in the back of the stupid yard thing outside. We do that becuase they always push us down and we cant do anything or WE'LL get in trouble!! 
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