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  • Five hundred twenty-sixth entry - hey, this one is seriously about editing 2014-01-12 20:21:19 Time - 7:04, Noise - A Perfect Circle - "By and Down"

    Whooooaaa, holy shit! I got a quick comment yesterday! It was on Project FMV, and it's the first one I've received since October of 2012. Imagine that. Exciting.

    Anyway, it was something that actually merited a response, so here goes:

    "Really wish there was another one. I really like it so guess I'll just keep hoping there will be a 2nd Project FMV someday"

    So... I haven't uploaded anything in about three-and-a-half years. I have played around with editing from time to time, but have never done anything serious that would actually turn into a video. That said, I am definitely not going to be coordinating any projects in the near future, and honestly, probably ever again.

    I would be happy to turn over the reins to someone that I trust, and I would even be happy to help beta videos or brainstorm on music (assuming it's not user-donated, of course). I'm just not up for shouldering an entire project again, and with how little I have worked to keep up with changes and advancements in the hobby, it is for the best that I don't. I would be a piss poor coordinator for sure, and I probably wouldn't even put forth a good video as a participant. Mostly (if not completely) hands-off is the best approach for me in this instance.

    If anyone would like to coordinate an FMV Project sequel, you are most welcome. Shit, you hardly need my permission to do it (it's arrogant to think I have any real ownership over the idea), and I'd be happy as hell to see another one.

    So there you are. The prompt is out there.

    See you, folks.

    - Jen 
  • Five hundred twenty-fifth etnry - this is getting convoluted 2013-08-16 17:05:22 Time - 3:42, Noise - The Glitch Mob - "Warrior Concerto"

    I'm at a complete loss for how to go about hooking up this new TV to my recording system. Things were so easy before. Just hook up three little red, white, and yellow cables from the PS2/3 to the DVD recorder, and then hook another line of the same cables from the DVD recorder to the TV. Simple.

    Now I have so many colors and so many plugs and like six fucking settings on the TV and a switch on the cord and I don't know what to do with any of it! I tried just hooking it up the simple way I had it before, but I didn't get any video or audio, no matter what setting I had the TV set to.

    I tried to Google it, but I can't quite find a page that describes my situation. I know I'm not the only one who records my games with a DVD recorder, but everything I'm reading talks about buying splitters and other expensive cables and crap. Why can't I just have it hooked up the way I did before? I don't care if I'm recording in HD.

    Anyway, this is frustrating. Every time I get something new, I have to jump through sixteen hoops to make it work. I messaged my brother about it, since the TV was a gift from him in the first place, but who knows if he'll help.

    See you, folks.

    - Jen 
  • Five hundred twenty-fourth entry - dust to dust 2013-07-24 03:21:09 Time - 2:01, Noise - white noise

    So you know what really bugs me? When the internet - the friggin' INTERNET - can't answer a question that I have. You'd think that with billions of users that there would be at least one person who had the same train of thought as me and thought to post it somewhere.

    I'll admit that this is a weird one, though, so maybe I really am the only one who thought of it. It requires explanation.

    So, a few years back, I read some great entries from a science-y, mathematical comic series whose name I do not remember. In one of them, called "The Glass Necklace" (I think), a guy makes a glass necklace for his girlfriend by putting sand in a tiny vial that he then floated in the air during a lightning storm. It got struck by a bolt, fused the sand, and created a hunk of glass that he had carved into a pendant for her. Or something similar; that was the gist of it. Anyway, it was something ridiculously creative and kind of super romantic.

    Fast forward a bit, and I have given a lot of thought as to how I want my death to be treated. Firstly, scoop out and cut off anything useful for donation to another human being. Donate whatever is left to science. They usually keep parts for about a year and then return them to the family. After that, I initially did not think that I cared about what was done with my body afterward, but now I have two plans.

    I want to be cremated, and then put most of the ashes into a special kit that gets planted into the ground and uses the nutrients from the ashes to grow into a tree. However, depending upon the answer to my question (yes, we're getting to that still), I do want a little bit of my ashes set aside. The remaining ashes should be put into a vial that can be floated into the air and struck during a lightning storm.

    Now here's the question: will the ashes fuse into a stone or type of glass?

    If so, then I want my ash-stone to be made into a pendant to be worn by someone I love. It sounds a little creepy on paper, but I don't think it's any different than putting some snipped hair or a photograph into a locket. Wouldn't that be beautiful? In death, I can be useful AND fashionable.

    Honestly, my death is going to be a lot more interesting than my life. Go figure.

    See you, folks.

    - Jen 
  • Five hundred twenty-third entry - I blame pink haze for my re-sparked obsession with Darren Hayes 2013-04-26 23:52:08 Time - 10:18, Noise - Darren Hayes - "Stupid Mistake"

    So I have exactly one month to edit something if I want to meet my personal deadline of putting out a new video on my birthday, as seems to be the tradition. I think it's time to get crackin'.

    Oh oh oh! So I FINALLY came up with an idea for a Tomb Raider video! I have been stumped for years on this one, but with the new game, I think I can actually make something work. I just have to cut down the seven minute beast of a song to a more tolerable length - not easy to do, since it's sort of a cinematic-styled rendition. It's not really meant to be hacked up and reassembled, but I'm sure I'll figure out how to tweak it in an acceptable way. It's not that I'm against editing a long video, so much as I'm not sure I'll be able to keep the tension high enough for that long, or that I'll have enough footage to pull it off.

    Let's see... what else. I finished uploading my Let's Play of the Vergil's Downfall DLC for DmC Devil May Cry. I'm trying to clear off hard drive space, which has encouraged me to finally get around to processing my .vobs. Although I'm still not entirely happy with the export that Magix has forced onto me, it does work and it uploads just fine later on, so I can live with it for these videos. I'll have to do more troubleshooting if it gives me grief with AMVs.

    I got my second idea ever for a live action video the other day. It's a terrible idea, too - the "so bad I have to make it" variety. For House MD, of all things. It would be a boring video, incidentally, since that entire show is effectively comprised of meaningful face shots, most often of Hugh Laurie. Oh wait, that would make it like all of the popular romance videos on this site. (Sorry, the jibe was too obvious not to take, and I am slinging mud my own way on that one, in all fairness, if you've ever watched Let the World Crash.)

    In case you were wondering - I'm sure you weren't - the first idea I ever got was for a pointless Resident Evil action video (which I'm still planning on doing someday, if only to hone my action skills). I don't really dig LA videos for the most part - too much dialogue, not enough active movement. If you don't know the show, you typically don't get the video, whereas games and anime are a little more "body language," for whatever reason. Maybe that's just my perception of it.

    So, ACen? Anybody? Who am I unintentionally avoiding seeing this year? I hear there's no AMV contest, unless that's changed. Sort of puts the kibosh on my desire to get a video done, but hey, what could be more deserving of a video release than my golden birthday? Pretty much any other day of the year, I guess. So yeah, if you see me, shower me with preemptive presents. Like the loose change in your pocket or something. Or your love. Also an acceptable - if useless - substitute.

    See you, folks.

    - Jen 
  • Five hundred twenty-second entry - migraine pending 2013-04-07 18:25:39 Time - 5:23, Noise - the blood boiling in my ears

    Aaaaaaand now my audio is out of synch with my video upon export.


    Carry on, folks.

    - Jen 
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