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  • my 1st journal entry!! do people actually read these things? 2009-10-07 19:45:11 okay well i can at least keep myself up to date with what i'm doing.

    let's see, i just registered for Akross 2009. i entered last year with Lord of the Anime. first time entering, i didn't seem to make that good of an impression. course i don't speak russian so a lot of the comments left i still don't know what they said. this year, i wanna try a trinity blood video to the Versailles Philharmonic Quintet incorporating live footage from the actual music video (much like LOTA). well i DEFINITELY have gotten a lot of response HERE for LOTA and i've learned that i need to put more effort into blending the live footage with the anime.
    whether people simply don't like live footage mixed with anime, that's their problem. no one's making them watch my video.

    the song i want to use however is very long and so i'm having to trim it down, AGAIN. which is okay cuz i know how to do that smoothly. i just hate having to cut out such good parts X(. but better to just give people a taste and then they can check out the band for themselves if they really want to.

    well other than that, i ripped out a good chunk for my mep, and (most of) my other members seem to be on top of their parts. so i can relax for the most part on that and start ripping trinity blood footage.

    k 3, 2, 1, let's jam! 
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