JOURNAL: derobert (Anthony DeRobertis)

  • Lazyness is a virtue, really. 2005-03-11 15:54:53 If you've haven't heard of the different parts that run on Kero, there are three --- Pancake, mod_pancake, and Butter. There were originally only supposed to be two; Butter wasn't supposed to exist.

    Pancake was supposed to handle everything: Validate download tokens, look up videos, log download and download attempts in the database, get status on pending videos and, lastly, confirm videos. However, confirming videos proved to be an interesting challenge. The first challenge was that we wanted to add MD5 checksums to the database. Normally, Kero can compute the checksum in a second or so, but if it gets loaded like Nago it could take ten. However, Pancake, however, has always been completely single threaded: Receive a request, process it, return response, wait for next request, repeat. In order to have Pancake confirm videos, you'd need to either postpone the MD5 calculation or make Pancake multi-threaded.

    There are other problems, too. Even if you made Pancake multi-threaded, you're still going to have to convince the user to wait the possible 10 seconds for the confirm to confirm to complete, and not hit stop. Even more work. And you have to deal with file permission issues, as Pancake runs as a normal, non-priveleged user.

    The solution I finally picked was to have a seperate program complete the videos, and his name is Butter. The main reason for picking it was lazyness. Butter has a table in the db that it polls for videos to confirm. It confirms those videos, waits a while, then polls again. It doesn't really matter how long Butter takes to confirm videos, so long as it can keep up. This lazyness, however, has already seen a side benefit: We can probably make Butter use, e.g., mencoder to make 30-second, highly-compressed previews for the bandwidth challenged. And it doesn't really matter if mencoder takes fifteen seconds to do the job. 
  • Changed to members_main 2004-11-12 13:25:25 members_main.php now checks to see if your account is activated. If it isn't it displays a polite notice at the top of the content section. There is also a page to have the activation email re-sent.

    AD seems to get a fair number of emails from members whos ultimate problem is that they never finished the account activation. Hopefully, this will help. 
  • Suggestion (by me) for the upload video page 2004-06-08 04:58:58 <RotaryBlaze> but when i go to "Upload Video" it says i have no videos to upload
    * derobert wonders if the upload videos page should list videos which can't be uploaded, and give a reason
    <Pwolfamv> sounds like a good idea
    <RotaryBlaze> yeah that sounds likea good idea 
  • More SuSE 9.1 fun; finally time to join the 201st decade 2004-06-05 19:45:56 Well, SuSE 9.1 doesn't include Apache 1.3.x anymore. Silly SuSE... So, I think the current plan for upgrading Yuri is goiong to be to switch to apache2 under SuSE 9.0 (can we do that? I hope so, or it'll be a lot more than "silly" SuSE). Once that is stable, then upgrade to 9.1...

    I've been using Debian for so long I'd forgotten how damned annoying it is to upgrade other Linux systems. Yuri is only SuSE because Debian (unfortunately!) does not have an amd64 release yet.

    And, on unrelated matters, my music sorter (a nice perl script) now supports Unicode. Time to switch from xterm to uxterm and from en_US to en_US.UTF-8; to rename a bunch o' files; and stop pretending it's still 2000. Or before.

    Hello Anthony, and welcome to 2001! Please be careful of the oddyssey on the left. 
  • SuSE 9.1 2004-06-05 07:21:52 Well, SuSE 9 contains an ancient subversion. SuSE 9.1 contains a modern subversion. Time to upgrade...

    Well, supposedly I can add a 9.1 source in YaST and the hit online update. We'll see... 
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