JOURNAL: Frost (Milan Villarreal)

  • All here listen 2002-10-04 21:41:50 I have come back to the Anime section of my life, after a summer break, im soon to be back on top, larger than life, and more creative than ever. hopefuly my skills will be more valued now than they were before, but in anycase...( i don't think that made much sense) but! I am not particularly fond of the amv forums at the moment, they have changed, and i do not know if for the better... it seems there have been a HUGE number of people who are talking and ... well i simply would like to stay tuned to the MindWarpET forums...

    If anyone would like to say hello they can say hello now, ok bye 
  • blah blah blah 2002-05-29 23:21:28 mmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 
  • the goal 2002-05-28 11:59:48 is to rock! 
  • Hentai Catagory 2002-04-26 12:02:56 Personaly the main reason I don't want a hentai catagory in our MindWarp Entertainment contest is for the most part my morals... Carlos always gets on me about that but frankly I don't give a care. I wasn't always like this, ask Machine, but now I'm standing up for what I believe. I refuse to accept the idea of a MindWarp Entertainment contest catagory of Hentai. However, if Carlos refuses and dissregards Midi's and my wishes then he will simply judge those videos alone.

    Some think hentai is funny, some think its "pleasurable" or whatever. If Machine enjoys that kind of stuff (which we all know he does) then im telling you now that im against it, and he has acted alone in making this catagory without the consent of the MindWarpET staff or judges.

    It is out of the question for Machine to judge a video during the contest and speak for the opinion of the WHOLE MindWarp Entertainment Studio... just so you know, that it was not MindWarp, but Machine who judges the hentai
    (if he he still goes through with it that is)

  • Graduation 2002-04-16 11:03:55 soon i graduate then i will see what college is all about.
    im sooooo excited!!!!!!!

    i hope i will still have enough time to make amv's 
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