JOURNAL: kazz_kai (kazz kai)

  • BOB AND GEORGE 2002-05-22 11:01:12

    the best megaman site with the greatest comics.

    Go Megaman 
  • just a thought 2002-01-22 23:57:09 i'm thinking of a new idea for a video. i'm going to combine south park with system. ok i know south park is even close to an anime and probaly is the worse thing ever drawn by man but hey they do have cool songs and it is funny. 
  • thoughts 2002-01-13 20:20:22 i've been thinking of things for a new vid. the main problem with that is transfering the files to my computer. i have tons of anime sitting around but clips on my computer is slim. so i guess i'll go with my trigun clips. so soon another trigun video will be up.....hopefully. 
  • the life of a kai 2002-01-06 01:13:13 i wake up in the same bed i've waken up from for the millionth time i think. i don't want to get up so i go back to bed. when i wake up i realize i'm late for school. so i get dressed wash up and leave. i get to school and as i walk down the hall people cling to the lockers not wanting to get in front of me or next to me. they can feel my power flowing throught my viens. they know what i can do and they are scared. soon their fear turns to hate. i find myself flicking people away one by one as they try to take down the ultimate kai. their efforts are wasted are i make it to class. in class i go to sleep while the teacher talks about stuff i find boring. when the bell rings i go to lunch. after lunch i go back to sleep. when school ends i go to the mountains and meditaite. and after the moon raises high in the sky i return to my bed for a night of sleep ready to repeat the same schedule for the nextr day. 
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