• I will be changing to my 2004-09-12 22:58:12 I think the title says it all. 
  • Blah 2004-09-12 22:16:36 I am going to die this week. I am absolutly sure of it. Tests, quizes, and one of the tests is in ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!!! Well I think I can do well on it. I will just have to study in my oh so abundant free time.

    My new quote is "Good things come to those who wait, Better things come to those who have girlfriends that can't wait!"

    Well, I have been doing well on the extra activities. A few times a week is something that I can definately live with. We took a shower together the other day. My personal fantasy ;)

    Work this weekend was easy and dull. I stand there and feed massive amounts of ppl. Wow, I think it could not be anymore boring. Today was a good day because I got to feed Cheese Cake (one of the most fattening things you can eat) to all the skinny bitches that come through. I love that part of my job. It makes me happy to know that they are going to be 20 lb heavier in a semester.

    My roomates were gone this weekend so my gf and I have had the place all to ourselves. It makes for some fun times.

    Well, I should get back to the studying because that is what my gf is doing right now. She made me turn Cowboy Bebop off. How dare she. Well, she does not like anime. Shh...I know I should not be dating her but I can give in on this little flaw of hers. 
  • I have just read all of my journal again. 2004-09-08 23:38:19 I just wanted to say quickly that I really like this journal and wish that I would write in it more often. I could put some really detailed crap in here. I think I will start doing that.

    I work at the University Dinning Halls and one of the locals that works there full time was telling me how to do my taxes. LOL. This person makes about 10,000 more a year than me and wants to tell me how to do my taxes. Plus I have my mother a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), in other words is well over qualified to do taxes, help me out when it comes to that. She was telling me that I was doing them wrong and illegally. Uncle Sam was going to get his in the end. That I was following the "White Man's Law".

    Now, who do I believe. My mother who is certified in this area. Or a 45 year old lady that makes about 20,000 a year, never graduated high school, does not have all her teeth, and flips fries most of the time at work?

    She does not like me anymore because I told her she was wrong. 
  • 9/7/04 A date that will be remembered 2004-09-08 23:20:42 Well, I at 19.895 years old have finally lost my virginity. It was yesterday, I was at my gf's dorm as we were sitting there after her roomate left. I was about to go to class. We started to make out and then she said that we couldn't do much here. I asked her what? She said that she did not have any "equipment". I again asked her what? She said "I do not have a condom." So, we left her dorm and then went to my apartment. At 6:00 pm, we started and through about 25 min of foreplay we were ready.

    We took things slow and I let her be on top so that she could keep it from hurting too much (for those of you that do not know it will hurt a girl duing her first time having sex). At 7:30 pm we were finished. Both of us were through. Neither one of us felt bad. In fact we were glad that we have waited so long.

    Five months and 2 days into the exclusive relationship we had sex.

    Now some of you may be wondering about the pregnancy scare? Well, you do not have to have sex to get pregnant. We have had what is called dry sex before, lots of times. That is were the underclothes stay on and you go at it like that. It is fun.

    She is not staying here tonight but will be tomorrow and over the weekend.

    She is going to go on the Pill now that we are sexually active and after the scare. Her step-grandfather is a doctor and she is going to have him give them to her.

    Now, let it be known that I do not believe in having sex with just anyone and at any age. We are going to get married and have talked about marrage and everything that it will involve exstensively. So it is not like we are unprepared for what we are getting into. You will feel bad after sex if you have any shred of doubt that this is the person you are going to be with forever. That is all I have to say on this. 
  • The first Journal Entry that is Exciting!!! 2004-09-06 19:03:05 Over the past few weeks, I have done the exact same thing. Work, School, Work, see my gf, and sleep if possible. But the past half a week, I almost died of stress and shock. My gf ended up being "LATE".

    Late for those that do not know means that she could be pregnant. We are both in college and in no position to raise a child. The idea was flashing through our head that wo could have a child or have to go for another alternative.

    I tell you what, I have never in my life thought I would be going to Wal-Mart to buy a pregnancy test. First, I was imbarressed and waited for no one to be around the area so I could grab one. After getting one I ran to a selfcheck out lane and checked myself out.

    My heart was pounding. Later that night my gf took the test and it came back negative. But it is more accurate to do that in the morning. So we did it again in the morning and negative. She is not pregnant. Now, She is going on the PILL. No other options. My heart cannot take that scare again. But until next time.

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