JOURNAL: DarkMaskqueradeValkyrie (Raine Meekro)

  • complications? 2005-04-15 22:48:33 Well it's official...MY LIFE SUCKS! I'm seem to be stuck in the middle of a big friend dispute...and as you can see my good friend in a rut. Apparently i don't judge people and that makes me a good person...? o.o; i'm just paranoid that i'm gonna end up old alone and donefor....i mean ...i'm not r eally scared at losing ingrid as a wouldn't be a loss to me... cuz well i'm that cold hearted...and distant like yeah..and well..i never liked her much anyway...i'd do anything for a friend even if it's to pretend to like someone....including ingrid. I'm an insanely morbid person i guess... i hide my thoughts..and instead present false actions for the cause. If only you people knew what went through my head, you'd wonder why i even have friends. I am appreciative of all the friends i have, but ....*sigh* nevermind. I'm not good at this whole opening up thing...i like keeping things like this to mind is the only thing that keeps me going, and as long as i have something on my mind i can make it fine, if not that's when you have to worry. I'm a really quiet person, and i guess i don't least not friends, or i mean at my school. After all the pain i've suffered and went through from them it's a wonder i haven't brought a gun to school and shot them all, and i'd be sitting in jail right now....but thanks to the wonderfullness of good friends and my way of holding grudges, i think i'm good for a while. Keeping things to myself is probably my big downfall, and i'm really quiet..i don't speak up for myself, but i speak up for others when they can't. I'm usually nice unless you piss me off...another big downfall of mine... after all the pain i've bottled up inside for the past 16 years of my great shitty life, i can't control that part of my abdulaoblangata, or my temper so to i get reallly short fuse box. I'm a really funny sarcastic perosn too... jokes out of the wazzoo... if your down...and you frown, i'll be there to make it go away for the rest of the day! I'm artisically creative. I draw i paint...i make stuff.... if i really get bored i go outside, talk a walk, i role play DnD and anything else my brother throws at me. I like music too like my other brother of the family. AS one to say...i'm in the middle an i'm the best of both worlds. I have 2 brothers and 1 well half sister. I have two sister in i hate and one i love. ( it's always a love hate realationship with me) I'm a real picky person too....but i guess that's the way life goes.
    Name: Raine (courtney)
    Nick name: penguin
    Hobbies: art, creating stuff, role playing, sword fighting, staff fighting, long walks, making music and other stuff i'm not gonna mention.

    Lesson for today....go away and leave me alone and i'll let you live. 
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