JOURNAL: Midnyte

  • @Nya 2010-06-27 23:07:45 Yes, I am oldschool. Yes marks can be removed, with effort and loss of quality in the mark area. It is only a single simple security layer. But the effort will in most cases detuer the event. The most secure computer in the world is an unplugged one, however it is unuseable.
    I guess you don't understand my feelings for them. Would you be kind enough to help me understand your feelings against them? Perhaps without posthumous remark to removing mine?
    I am more then willing to contemplate both sides. Though one should not harp upon one having a mark. Nor should one harp upon one not having a mark. 
  • Marks of Water 2010-06-27 10:38:39 I don't really see myself doing journal much, but I had a QC I just need to comment on.

    "2010-06-27 03:36:29Watermarking such pretty work hurts my soul. :( Great job at AMA!"

    I agree with you. But it hurts my soul more when my unmarked videos get my credits chopped of and replaced with someone elses name. Its happened twice that I know of. I had no recogniseablity, no awards, I was an easier target. My release videos are marked to 1) protect my work, 2) protect the HQ source from scavengers (which I have also had happen).
    So as much as the watermark hurts both of us, it will remain. I hope you can understan this. Life leasons, the great teacher. 
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