JOURNAL: Arczi (Artur Kujac)

  • Tv interview... 2006-01-17 15:10:59 Heh, I got phone today.... Phone from some mini TV station. They wanted to make an interview with me, about my work, which is my amv's. They really wanted to make it, beccause the show is about people who create something....different.... Well amv's are not to fameous in Poland, and actually I am the only one , who is on top 10%. I was really shocked, to hear it... But in the end I cancelled this interview. I forgot, that amv's are illegal, and I could have big problems later after the show... So, anyway, it was nice to know, that someone wants to make an interview, and thinks you are special, and interesting.... And it could be great commercial of me... I'm in montage in Movie high school... But maybe some other time, right..? 
  • not my style...? 2006-01-15 22:25:26 170 hits, and only 2 opinions.... My Private Angel isn't too fameous, like I see.... Heh, maybe my friends are saying the truth.... Maybe I'm the best in drama, and serious amv's.... I mean "the best".... I think of course about my amv's, not everyone elses.... ehhh, we will see.... And I'm going back to work... But that doesn't change a fact, I will try make other amv's, not only drama.... I just need more practice thats all
  • still can't see this... 2006-01-15 10:32:24 I got today another quick comment... This time to The Immortals.... I still can't believe, that there are so many people on , that still someone is watching so old amv's, like The immortals.. Specially, when its not some special, or fame amv... Ok, thats not strange, when I got opinions, or quick comments to The Way of NInja, because it's in Top 10%, and it has more than 60 opinions... But The Immortals isn't on the list, and never will be, but still someone is watching it^^. I mean, look at your amv's... Everyday the amount of hits increasing.... That really shows the collossus (I dont know if its good word) of peopla here, and of the whole amv site...
    Thats beautifull, is'nt it?
  • another day... 2006-01-14 20:29:41 Heh, I got another opinion^^. It's to Colorblind, and it's my 14th opinion to this amv, and 136th of all opinions. Is it good result..? I guess it's not bad, but I thnk it could be better... So I will work harder, to show you what Arczi can make in the future. Beware of me:P.

    Eh, I was going to start today my extended remake version of Fahrenheit, but well, plans have been usuall... My friend, started his amv... He has long break from making it, so he helped me for a help... And thats how I lost my time... But this is not bad.. I hope he will end this amv, and it will be great amv, that everybody will see^^.

    And its again 2:28 pm.... I should go to sleep, but I'm not.... And I won't:P. I'm going to start this amv, and I will:).

    SO, see ya later (if there is someone, who read this...) 
  • First Entry...Hello 2006-01-13 22:01:14 Ok, cool, I don't know why, but I've decided to write here something, for sometime. Why? I have absolutely no idea^^. But hey, it's 3:49 in the morning in Poland, and maybe that's why I dont know what am I doing.
    Anyway, maybe there will be someone, who will be interested in, about my journal, who knows.

    Today I finished my first remake amv... It's to one of my worse amv's on the site, because it's to <a href="">Fahrenheit</a> . Ok, somehow I've got 6 opinions to this shitty amv, but actually I know I could make it better. So this is my "better" version. Is it really better? Good question, but I will leave answer to you, guys. I won't upload it yet. I decided, to make not only remake of <a href="">Fahrenheit</a> , but also Extended remake version . I want to make an amv with immediate music, about whole rescueing sasuke mission... I know, not too original idea, but what the hell, I will make it. We are artists, and that means, even if there will be 100 versions to the same music, and the same anime, with the same scenes, every one of 100 version will be different, right? So if you will be interested in, maybe soon you will see this version of mine^^.

    Ok, I think it's good enough for the first journal entry and it's time to sleep^^. So see ya sooner or later, everyone:). 
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