JOURNAL: paizuri (Andy Lin)

  • 2003-10-10 13:50:08 Kill Bill at 10:10. 
  • Two is better than one. 2002-10-15 13:21:56 Oh no!!! I accidentally posted my journal entry TWICE under my different screennames. Well, crap, now I've been found out. 
  • "you and your deep, dumb voice..." 2002-10-15 13:12:50 Ugh. I feel like crap.

    I went to sleep at around midnight on Sunday night. I woke up at 2 PM yesterday, getting up once around 10 am to call in sick. 4 straight weeks of cons, partying, travelling, and working late finally caught up to me, it seems. This upcoming weekend is going to be my first free weekend in almost 2 months, and I'm fully planning to dissolve into a big, squishy pile of lethargic goo on my couch. After that, I'm making a trip to Dallas, and that should be it for the year. Well, my girlfriend's sister is trying to convince me to visit them during Christmas break, but seeing as how I only go back to my parents' house twice a year now, I don't think they'd be very happy.

    Anyway, I'm still feeling pretty goddamn assical, but I came into work today anyway. I'm way behind, and I actually couldn't really afford to take yesterday off, either. Now if only I could get some work done while feeling like this...>_<

    Oh yeah, Anime USA. Well, I don't really know what to say about it, because it was SO GODDAMN BIZARRE. Dji and Iserlohn have vaguely mentioned Crazy Bald Guy (CBG), but they all left before things got *really* weird. In the end, Paizuri, Nightowl and myself were stuck in a deserted lobby at 5 am with a sinister raving lunatic.

    CBG: <turns to Nightowl> Nathan, you're no actor. You are the director. <turns to me> And you, Hsien, are the actor. You ARE the actor. And Nathan IS the director. Now it's time to go on camera.

    (Later, after CBG has turned has wandered off momentarily with an instruction for us not to go anywhere)
    Paizuri: Uh...should we go?
    Nightowl: Let's get the FUCK out of here!
    <we walk away quickly until he is out of sight>
    Me: RUN!
    <we bolt for our room, intercepting a confused-looking Gambitt on the way there and dragging him with us>

    And that doesn't even scratch the surface of the strangeness.

    Mmm...and aside from that, the con was fun. Lots of punch, lots of crazy antics. Weakest Link was great fun; "SUCK IT TREBEK!!"

    Someone actually thinks that Paizuri and I are the same person? That's hilarious.  
  • London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down... 2002-10-14 21:11:02 Hmmm, forums are down...Can't say I'm surprised. 
  • I can't think of any pithy sayings right now... 2002-06-14 16:35:10 Dave Pirner...the only man to ever rhyme "urinal" with "funeral" in a song. I forget which song that is, but it's off of Soul Asylum's Let Your Dim Light Shine album.

    Eh...good lyrics, but I like Matt Johnson's (The The) lyrics better.


    It's a chilly English winter
    And solitude is never easy to maintain
    Except when it rains
    So I hang an empty smile beneath my empty eyes
    And go out for a walk
    The wet morning sun reflects off the paving-stones
    While a little dog barks its head off
    In the distance

    Oh, what a perfect day
    To think about my silly world
    My feet are firmly screwed to the floor
    What is there to fear from such a regular world?

    Oh, what a perfect day
    To think about my silly world
    My feet are firmly screwed to the floor
    What is there to fear from such a regular world?

    Passing by a cemetery
    I think of all the little hopes and dreams
    That lie lifeless and unfilled beneath the soil
    I see an old man fingering his perishing flesh
    He tells himself he was a good man and did good things
    Amused and confused by life's little ironies
    He swallows his bottle of distilled damnation

    People turn around with unseeing eyes
    They're looking for something that doesn't exist
    The world you once knew is being eaten up by rust
    No-one has time for the past
    But still in God they trust
    The future is now
    But it's all going wrong
    Bodies good for nothing
    But it's to nothing they belong
    People say their prayers and some work hard
    If you give them all your money
    They'll give you their hearts
    This town ain't going like a ghost town
    It's going like hell

    Oh, what a perfect day
    To think about my silly world
    My feet are firmly screwed to the floor
    What is there to fear from such a regular world? 
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