JOURNAL: SushiBoyJared

  • .... dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-iAHHH SHUT THE FUCK UPPP! 2002-12-18 16:22:34 Hi. Just sayin Hi. I still exist. New videos in the works.

    1. Scary
    2. Funny
    3. Angry!! GRR! 
  • Eh, Forums... 2002-10-18 08:35:06 I didn't use the forums too much, though I've always known they were there for my use. Honestly, I think its good to have them, but you run into the problem of people who just don't have any moral problems with acting like a little snot to a bunch of faceless "internet people" -

    warning: This is a community. We do meet on regular basi' (is that a word?) in person. When we do there is some drinking. Not a group of people you want to have personally offended at some point if you plan on showing up, you think?  
  • slammy jammy... hehe 2002-10-17 12:00:39 D_V AWA 08? HURAH!

    I think that David Violence guy is no good. 
  • Hmmm... 2002-10-17 11:58:42 Alan: Audio Stuff Never takes much??? Yikes! I'm talking Cubase SX, and tons of Virtual Synthesizers that suck up RAM, and live signals in from my mixer, etc. That beats the hell out of my current system... but, then again, so does some of the video junk I do.

    in other news, I just heard Tones on Tails on the radio, and it reminded me of how much of a retard that guy in the Forum was... that probably makes no sense, but, whatever. Baseball bats all around!! 
  • Sheena Is... a... bitch... 2002-10-17 08:43:44 I need a new computer very badly. My current one will be remanded back to it's original purposes of video/graphics editing only.... the new one will be for music. Easy, right? Now to decide on what system. 
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