JOURNAL: Touya_girl (Trees )

  • AMV rip offs 2005-09-23 20:30:48 I've seen clips ripped off from your videos Rina - with the effects. How lame.  
  • AnimeNext 2005-06-23 14:27:06 Went to AnimeNext this weekend and it was so much fun. Too bad my video didn't win anything ^_^;;.

    Oh well there's always next year.  
  • Congrats Katie 2005-04-08 10:21:54 Congratulations Katie on your wedding. The best of luck to the both of you.  
  • 2005-04-04 21:35:29 I can not believe my Wedding Peach video is almost to 300 downloads.

    That's like my most downloaded video. It's crazy. I did that video completely on the fly, not bothering to put much effort into it.

    I guess people really like Wedding Peach. Or the English Sailor Moon song.

  • Banners 2005-04-03 13:01:42 Everyone. Please vote for my Rebirth and Center Stage banners.  
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