JOURNAL: LCY84 (Laurent Clermidy)

  • Nostromo_vx > YOU 2005-10-02 04:25:49 i simply <3 his new amv :
    GG Xavier 
  • finished 5th on 6... 2005-08-21 16:42:38 yeah ;D 
  • new vid 2005-08-21 15:22:44

    Made for the IC. Don't expect smthg like my IC from last year (supermoves), this one hasn't such effects; just simple editing with multiple animes ;) 
  • Woot new ideas come 2005-07-24 05:33:06 I was sick of editing for some odd reasons but motivations overpassed my laziness XD
    At least 3 projects to edit :
    * one personnal really different from what i edited by the past since the song is like something suicidal XD
    * A collab project with nostromo_vx : i hope this one will be a great project :D
    * Another collab with zest : actually it ll be Kamui no yume II (for those who already know my X00 : kamui no yume vid. I finished to edit the song some days ago after spending more than 15 hours on it and after many tries without success because the song were "unmixable" together (yeah me and my stupid ideas sometimes....). Anyway, i m quite proud of my mix right now and i hope those who enjoyed kamui no yume will enjoy this vid (same anime, well not exactly but.... - same artist for the audio tracks)

  • 10 banners, 2 voted worthy Oo 2005-07-21 15:48:45 That was a long time this didn't appear, woot!
    Btw, my journal is becoming more and more pointless... 
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