JOURNAL: Tyrfalger

  • About my AMVs 2016-04-10 04:58:51 I'm a complete newbie to AMV making and I doubt I'll dive into more complex effects and stuff from adobe premiere, feel like I should stick to raw footage and basis effects anyway.

    Its odd, I don't really watch anime since it sucks up a lot of time. I'd rather read the manga of it if available, since often times I could read a chapter in 5 minutes compared to an episode in 20-30 minutes and get the same amount of plot roughly. Id just be missing out on the visuals from the animation.

    However, I listen to a lot of instrumental and production music such as Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, etc where I visualize a particular track that I like and I become inspired to create a music video since anime has a lot of beautiful visual scenery that matches what I 'see' from the music. I'm really picky about several aspects of my AMVs; high video quality limits me to recent-ish anime or remastered blu ray and stuff, internal syncing has to work, scenes have to match the music so I usually begin finding footage based on the music, which is often frustrating since I don't watch a lot of anime.

    But its fun making AMVs and hopefully you can see and feel the effort and emotion from my work. 
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