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  • Dat feeling between Yay and Wtf 2014-11-03 19:27:41 Just found out 2 weeks after the fact that one of my videos was re-uploaded to an AMV site and their youtube page where it has over 6000 views and a hundred comments and I'm just sitting here like ._. they literally copypasted the video entry page from here and presented it.. it's awesome but dude.. i uploaded it a month ago on my own YT page and it has less than 100 views - I don't know how to feel about this - who's ever running that site should at least contact the editor just once saying "hey we uploaded all your shit on here and people are lookin at it"

    I know this happens all the time with mutimedia - people share them with minimum credit to the original poster - the site showed my name but I dunno.. I'm not use to this. It's really cool but I didn't even know it happened... I guess this is a normal thing for all the editors?

    Anyways, I'm gonna try to make 2 MAYBE 3 more videos by the end of the year. None of them are any of the big ideas I have but I feel like they need to be done.  
  • Bigger, Longer and Uncut 2014-09-18 11:34:01 Well maybe not longer... how about cleaner?..
    For those who care I've started on my next project, not revealing too much but it'll be a pretty intense instrumental featuring around 20 different anime, definitely different from anything I've ever done. I'm pretty sure it'll also be my first 1080p quality video. I've always been going with 720 good enough-p resolution but why not go bigger?

    Of course with all the sources to be worked with pre-production has been taking longer than expected and I've been itching to start editing again, it's been a couple months since I put any effort in a video and I've altered my ideas and approaches to this next project several times.

    I submitted my latest amv to AWA Pro, not knowing about the first showing rule, it got DQ'd but I got plenty of anonymous feedback on it and it made me finally go through the guides and learn avisynth for cleaning footage as well as brushing up on all things A/V.

    I've also learned a lot of new tricks with AE that I'll be trying on this and future videos .. with what I know now I believe I could really make my best video yet. I'm feeling like Luffy after the time skip >:3 so ready..

    I'll actually start editing today or tomorrow ,, being busy with school and work there's really no way to tell when I'll be finished but it should be done for sure, by Halloween....... (hint hint) 
  • Realizations / VentRant 2014-08-18 06:57:10 Just came back from a local con and once again learned how AMV contests work first hand... I've seen first hand that my recent 2 videos (Eighties! and Madoka Nebula) were not even shown.. several reasons why this bothered me but basically it just doesn't make any sense cause bigger better cons have screened Nebula just fine, and with all the effort put into eighties I just feel it should of at least been screened at this medium sized con. I luckily got a hold of the coordinator who did tell me why they didn't screen -- eighties has brief profile nudity in the beginning, I honestly didn't think that that part (which shows no detail btw, purely safe PG-13 nudity) would cause the whole video to be disqualified. Nebula didn't screen cause at the end is alot of what he called flashes(not actually flashes btw, quite the opposite?) I could understand that though, its mildly epilleptic. Once again, never thought that would be a problem. I didn't dig further in it but even thought they liked the vids they didnt screen them.. apparently the vids are too much for some cons to handle. I will not apologize for art (lol)
    This lead me to believe that some other contests probably did the same thing and I should be even more grateful to the cons that have and will play them. It really all just depends on the con judges, they can do whatever they want in their own event..

    The thing that frustrates me the most is that this was my home convention! I actually went there expecting to see my stuff screened like it has at half a dozen other, cons I couldn't even attend, but no my con had to be the ones to deem me not appropriate. 
  • What 2014-05-22 13:19:32 Is the point of this right here 
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