JOURNAL: ProjectTwinsAMV (Stephen McConnell)

  • Wow!! Been awhile. 2018-06-07 10:24:44 Its been 4 years since i wrote a journal dayum. So anywaya, im officially going to AnimeExpo in a few weeks and thats a relief to me. At first i wasnt planning on going but its always at the back of my mind that i want to go again but didnt had funds all year. I actually saves some but would attend the while 4 days just maybe 2 possible 3 days there buts it all ok. This will mark 7 years in a row that inattend this convention and its still one of my favors. I just hope this year is much easier to get in and out, the last few years were difficult just to enter the convention center itself. anyways, just hope it goes just fine there this year. So far this year I attended 5 conventions which is a record for me. Usually I attend atlease 4 total for the year and ill be attend 2 more (AnimeExpo and SabotenCon). Saboten Con year should be an exciting one, love the guests they announced so far. Also need more AMV entries needed for my contest there so please check it out on the forum page for more info. Right now for AMV stuff, i have ideas and stuff for videos i can do later this year and 1 Iíve been working on for awhile that i want to Complete soon. Iíve reopened an MEP on my YT page so if you want in check it out please. So other then that i have nothing to say at this point just been busy and i hope to see any one of you to a convention near you :) 
  • AnimeExpo week 2014-07-01 02:19:34 It's time for AnimeExpo this week, So exciting. Only thing between me and AnimeExpo is the damn 7 to 8 hour drive :/ Just keep in mind Day 0 is important to get your badge or be stuck in the HUGE line on Day 1 and missing out the opportunity to see some amazing programming. So I would highly suggest Day 0 for everyone that's coming to AX. Starts on Wed. at 3 to 9PM to get badges and just come straight in on Day 1. There is an AMV room all day for the 4 days, come in and say hello to some editors and me possibly ha. AMV Contest I believe starts at 9PM on Day 1. Love there contest, don't miss out on that. SAO 2 premier is another exciting event if your into SAO. Kill La Kill event happening too. And much more. So please plan on going to AnimeExpo if you can. See you all there :D 
  • New AMV...Maybe! 2014-06-12 20:48:28 Well i has some ideas on another new AMV in store later on. But until then, i'll attending AnimeExpo in LA in a few weeks. Im always exciting to go to the Expo each year, this will be my 3rd time there. Will see some editors there i hope ha. I think they will bring back the AMV room like last year. That was pretty cool.  
  • New Convention this weekend. 2014-06-02 10:49:58 Be going to Phoenix ComicCon for the first time this weekend. See how the Music Video contest goes on Saturday. This my 15th convention to date. Then in July be heading off to AnimeExpo, one of the best Convention to go of the year and the most cram packed one :O So again see you at a convention near you ha. 
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