JOURNAL: Tookie46 (WhitneyLisa )

  • Comeback 2005-01-28 18:51:21 I have not forgotten to do videos! Im sure everyones forgotten me. But its ok. School comes first. No degree=no job+no money=no life.

    I was going to be working on a Wolf's Rain video on Adobe, but for some reason or another the fansubs I have wont transfer to Adobe. So that one will have to wait until I get the whole DVDs.

    Speaking of DVDs I got Fruits Basket on DVD. Love the dubbing, its pretty good! Of course not as good as the original, but still.

    I am thinking up a very funny video. I seem to be addicted to comedy AMVs, so this one will be just that. But just remember my humor might be alittle sicker then the average. Oh well. 
  • Computer Retard 2004-09-24 00:45:38 mmm.... how much of a mess can I make of my AMV uploads. Oy OY! Im back and still working on a Wolf's Rain video. At least trying to anyway. Ive got 0% done, because I have no idea how to use Adobe Premier or Aftereffects.

    Luckily my good friend AnimeSensei will be teaching me how to use it. Granted he can get his bum over and do it!!! Ive tried on my own and failed misriably, so until he gets his little anime-warped self over here. Im stuck. 
  • Immmmmm Back 2004-08-13 00:21:16 Sorry it took so long. Ive been busy busy busy, so updating has been a pain.

    Im working on a new video, but will post-pone it until I get back from my vacation.

    Until then........ 
  • IT IZ UP 2004-05-21 22:00:11 Its not that this video took me alot of time, its just that Ive had a crammed schedule lately and haven't had time for pleasures in life.

    I'm packing in enough medication right now for my 78 year old grandmother. Ive got a lung infection and sinus infection and they suspect that I may have a auto immune disease. Not that you people care, but I do! Thanks for letting me vent.

    My latest video is soooo cute, ya'll should see it. It may not be the best quality but damn it I did my durndest.

    The next video may not be out for a while. It depends on how long it takes to figure out Adobe programs, and I havent had the time yet to play much with them.

    The next AMV will feature Wolf's Rain. I have wanted to do this series for a while and finally I have found a song worthy enough for it. I was able to attain the RAWS for the final four episodes, so this should be fun.

    I will keep those who care posted on how the next one is coming

    Ja Ne 
  • LA LA LA 2004-04-27 18:48:15 Editing my next AMV right now, yea!

    ALmost done with school

    Got summer semester in two weeks

    Graduate in one year

    Did a thesis paper on Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia and the perceptive trancendence that is percieved within the human psyche.

    A thesis paper on Christina Rossetti and her critical religious theroy

    Kids.......enjoy your youth! 
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