JOURNAL: Justin_L (Junta Yuy)

  • WOW THERE IS A JOURNAL 2004-03-11 00:34:12 Wow i must say this is a firsti have never used the before but i guess i will start now that i got all my vid in order and finally got my site up but stilll under constuction, this should take you to my site, and remeber it is running of a 400mhz server so be nice :D

    Well the next vid i have lined up and i will be entering in the anime north compition will be my immortal to the first kenshin ova, but then again i did listen to more of evanesense songs and found wake me up inside and that will diffinitly work with the kenshin soshien.... damn kenshin has got it all LOL

    anyway this will end my first journal entry
    Arigatou, Sayonara 
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