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  • What? We can write journals on No way! 2002-04-09 07:31:42 Well, it's not like I didn't know that they existed, even though for the longest time, I thought the 'Newest Entries' thingy on the right hand side of my member page actually referred to new AMV entries... but even the best among us can make mistakes, ne? :)

    Anyway, I never really thought I'd use this function - anything I need to say, I'd usually do the saying over on my website, in the little section I call The RAG (acronym for Random Annoying Gibberish, or Rententively Anal Gerbils, according to your preference). But today, I decided, what the hey... Amizadai and poolfan both put in entries, so why not jump on the bandwagon?

    Life is chaotic right now with lots of deadlines looming, but even so, the first ever public AMV screening in Singapore will take place this Saturday at a local anime club. Things are looking up, especially if you consider that right now, there's a total of 5 or 6 local creators, and probably about 9 members from this countries in this database of 20000+.

    In the meantime, I amuse myself with an interesting function in my Soundblaster Live DE 5.1 that turns my voice, when speaking into a mic, into that of

    a) a chipmunk
    b) a woman who sounds distinctly like Cher
    c) a man with a severe overdose of testosterone

    Fun as that may seem, my rumoured brother has sworn to shove my mic up the nether regions if I call him 'imoto-chan' with a chipmunk voice one more time. And yes, I know what imoto-chan is.

    In other news, I'm finally getting around to watching Gravitation, which for those of you in the dark, is that shounen-ai series about a secretive blonde Japanese fiction writer and a crybaby Japanese teenager who just happens to be a rather good singer. Reminds me a lot of Fushigi Yuugi, except with two guys, even if Shuuichi Shindou is awfully like Miaka (and ironically enough, as a girl would look better than Miaka *sigh*) This is what happens after you watch Cowboy Bebop and find out that it didn't really live up to all the hype.

    It's a good thing I saw it, though. My next vid after my current IY project will be 'Sugar High', using various anime characters who seem like they're on... well, a 24-hour sugar high, duh. These include, but will not be limited to

    a) Love Hina's Koalla Sue (who can resist her ^_^)
    b) Cowboy Bebop's Ed-chan
    c) Gravitation's Shindou Shuuichi
    d) Gravitation's Sakama Ryuuichi

    So, right now I have a girl who occasionally turns into an adult, a girl who looks like a boy, a boy who looks like a girl and an adult who behaves like a three-year old. Oh, the irony.

    If you have a suggestion of a character that would fit into this motley mix, feel free to email me. Of course, this vid is set to the super-happy bouncy opening intro of Gravitation, Super Drive.

    I seem to have blathered on a little longer than expected. That is all. 
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