JOURNAL: GreenArcherAlchemist (Ila )

  • Hello there! 2010-10-02 14:49:51 Hi! Here's a n00b from the country of pizza & boring movies! XD Maybe you didn't need it, but, well, here I am! I will try to write the more correct I can, if I make bad grammar mistakes, let me know...
    As soon as possible I will begin to upload my videos so you will tell me what do you think (please, give me opinions, even quick opinions!). I will start with my older ones (beginning of 2007) to finish with my last ones (right now). I hope I improved my way of making AMVs in these (almost) 4 years of experiments and I hope you will help me to improve more! In return, I will watch your videos and comment everytime I have something to say different from "Woah! Perfect video!" XD
    That's all for now, I don't know how to use this site's journal, I'm extremely bad in taking a sort of diary... Maybe I will use it to inform about my Work In Progress. 
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