JOURNAL: Dorry (Dorry )

  • @ASSASSINEXIA 2011-04-27 06:24:03 Reading the guides could help.
    If it doesn't try asking on the forums. 
  • Computer and banners 2010-10-08 08:19:46 So I have my own computer. Well, not exactly. The monitor (CRT 15") and an old keyboard are borrowed off an otaku friend of ours, the computer itself from our flatmate, who also took two power cables and a disc from work. Only the mouse (Mac Puck) is originally mine.

    Today we're going to stop by my mother's to among other stuff take my unfinished banners. So prepare for a flood of banner's with the new logo - congratulations to Brad, btw.

    Nya is already working on a couple and they are looking pretty cute so far. 
  • @Code 2010-09-20 17:34:39 Kemonozume

    (by Nya-chan)

  • @Nya 2010-08-16 21:53:35 While I'm wasting precious hours of my life sitting here at work, my beloved girlfriend is home playing Heroes of Might and Magic V. I keep counting how many more hours I'll have to suffer without her. In three or four hours I will be holding her in my arms. Kissing her forehead and curling up on her chest to listen to her heartbeat with her arms pulling me closer...

    Why do I use my org journal generally only to confess my love for the most wonderful girl on earth? There might be some truth to the idea, that love wants to be envied. 
  • @Nya 2010-07-25 01:51:30 I'm in love with a very sweet girl and won't get to see her for over 30 more hrs. Not to mention the last time I saw her was more than a week ago. 
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