If you are having repeated troubles logging into the site, try logging into the forum one time first, and then the site. If that doesn't work, here's what you can do to help troubleshoot a solution:

  1. The login is cookie based. This means that you should have cookies enabled on your browser for this site.

    If you are using Internet Explorer go to the menu Tools > "Internet Options..." and click on the privacy tab. Slide the security bar to the bottom to accept all cookies.

    If you are using Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies and tick the box that says "Allow sites to set cookies"
  2. The forum and site logins are currently separate. Just because you are logged into the forum doesn't necessarily mean that you are logged into the site.
  3. Your forum username/password is the same as your site username/password. You do not need to have a separate username/password for the forum and the site.
  4. If you can log into the forum but not the site, start by running this logout procedure and try logging in again.
  5. If you can still log into the forum but not the site, clear your browser cookies/cache. If you see a listing for following, you have not correctly cleared your cookies:
  6. If you still see listings for the cookies after you clear your cookies/cache, you may have to clear your cookies manually. Delete all items in the following directories:
    Internet Explorer: [drive]:\[path_to_temp_files]\Temporary Internet Files\content.ie5\
    Mozilla: [drive]:\[path_to_temp_files]\Mozilla Cache\Cache
    Netscape: [drive]:\[path_to_temp_files]\Netscape\Users\[user name]\Cache
  7. If you are still having troubles, reset your password, clear your cache/cookies by repeating steps 4 and 5, and try it again.
  8. Uuugh, you've reached this step and still have trouble? Try a different browser like Mozilla.
  9. If you get to this step fulfilling all previous steps correctly, chop your computer into little bits, mix with flower, bake at 450°C for 45 mins, allow to cool and serve with ice cream. Feeds 4-6.
  10. Don't do step 9. Instead, copy/paste the information given in step 5, email it along with your site username, operating system name, operating system version, browser name, and browser version to the site admin and they will see what can be done (and them maybe do step 9).


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