Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

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Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by SailorDeath » Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:00 am

Has it been a year already? I cannot believe how quickly time passes when you're bored as hell. But those of us who entered Pro are going to have a few videos to review to stave off that boredom. Anywho, to those new, this is the obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review! Here we give our opinions of the pro videos and have a little fun in the days leading up to the announcement of the winners.

The rules are simple:

1. Do not out someone/yourself if you know who made the video (Some of us want to stay in the dark on who made what)
2. Write a review for each video.
3. It can be serious or satire, it doesn't matter.
4. Don't take the reviews seriously, the person who reviewed the video is probably trolling (like me!)

Also, The PRO contest requires that videos have to premiere at their contest first before another con or being released online. A lot of people spend time making sure that all the videos haven't been released to other cons or on the internet first. Reporting videos like that does not belong here. That kind of outing is not what this thread is about. If you find one, just e-mail Mr. Pilkington with the video info and where you found it online. It'll get handled by them. The point of these reviews is to share our thoughts, let others see what people said about their video. (good or bad, and believe me I've wanted to murder some reviewers :P ) Try and be creative with your reviews to win the coveted "self-proclaimed winner of the thread" award. But most of all, have fun with your review.
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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by MaboroshiStudio » Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:20 am

My review is done!

Y'all suck and all the videos are trash... especially mine :rofl:


j/k I can't wait to watch everything
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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by Castor Troy » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:40 am

I did the Boruto video.
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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by Rider4Z » Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:45 pm

I will crush your soul.


DISCLAIMER: These are your videos and you're in charge of their final version. Please don't put me on a pedestal that can potentially break your spirit as an editor if I don't have positive things to say. I've been doing this too long to "be nice" to try and please everybody. Just assume you're not gonna like what I have to say right now. I don't care about making superficial friends or sparing feelings, BUT take heart in the fact that I don't know who you are so there is absolutely nothing personal about my opinions. If you'd like more thorough feedback later on I'd be happy to give it. I'm all for helping people improve but too often folks have only been "nice" to them, so you have to slap them in the face just to get their attention.


:up: = solid
<3 = personal love
Spoiler :
001 - Subtle Art... - :up: yeah well fuck u 2
029 - GrapeVINE - <3 Cheap. Gimmicky. I probably laughed at it the most.
039 - Up In Smoke - Good atmostphere. Some of the custom movement could use work but I don't do this stuff so I'm not sure how.
040 - Battle of Tsunshima - Audio is REALLY LOW.
043 - Arakis' Bizarre Fetish - Sorry but I'm pretending this one doesn't exist.
048 - Over the Moon to Gaea - :up: Ignore Xophi about file size, this footage is SOOOO PRETTYYYYY
049 - The Show Must Go On - <3 you broke kitkat
055 - Forest Fires - :up: Oh look a new source I need to watch.
064 - Shows What I Know - :up: I mean... the sources match and it's edited well, but it's a video about literally pushing buttons *shrug
065 - S E A R C H I N G - :up: Showcases the animation really well, but I've seen a number of angsty death parade vids already. Still edited nicely, you don't rely on quick zoom outs from one cut to another so that's refreshing.
066 - Exposure - Interesting source material, tech is rough (crossfades and hard cuts)
068 - Entomophile - :up: clean cute solid
070 - Super Models - :up: good god the bat nipples...
071 - Anamnesis - Not sure I get it, is it meant to be a trailer for the game?
073 - Everybody Knows - mpeg? Really? How old are you? and your ratio is wrong, fix it ;)
074 - What Do I Stand For - crop out the letterboxing, it'll save space. Even for spiderverse this looks jittery. Your frame rate is 29.97 when it should be 23.97.
077 - Ultimatum - :up: Editing with mp4s? I saw a couple jitter frames during fade transitions.
079 - Far From Any Road - :up: neat song choice. not 100% sold on some of the overlays but good feel nonetheless
086 - Breakdown - <3 Love this one. I actually thought this was satirical at first, but you made the combo work amazingly well. Editing is very clean.
087 - We Are Soldiers - <3 Imma just go sit and cry for a minute.
089 - Kill Your Idols - :up: All akshun all the time no waiting.
096 - Rise of the Sith Lord - :up: Cool tribute, nice audio balance
097 - A Big Dead - :up: What salt?
098 - My Zero 2D Waifu - *shrug* not my thing
099 - With a Spring in My Step - sweet and dainty
100 - The Wavering Heart... - I don't really get the connection between the song and video but it's still pleasant to watch. Masks need a little work, they're cut too close to the edge so you can't see the outlines of the characters. Also, try giving them a 1 pixel feather, it'll soften the edges just a hair.
103 - Hysteria - :up: really good tech
104 - Trinity of Hearts - :up: clever combo, altho i wonder if it's a christian song...
105 - Cemetary State of Mind - i like the audio
106 - Slay Your Demons - :up: all akshun all the time no waiting
108 - The Truth About Eggplants - yeah well you got something entered
109 - Inner Dialogue - womp womp
110 - Tonight's the Night - :up: I'm not into pop idol anime but still a good upbeat vid
112 - Not Great Not Terribyl - guess i'm done eating
118 - Everybody wants... - lots of tech errors in this: aspect ratio is odd, video quality variances, possible interlacing lines, lip flap. Video is very long, i'm not sure i get the connection but I've never watched Digimon so that could be my own ignorance.
119 - Sad Piece - <3 Making a One Piece video out of multiple episodes and seasons is reeeeeally ambitious. It takes a lot of effort to make something like that work.
120 - Braid Girl Cry Cat Pics - caught your lip flap removal at 2:06. might wanna do something about his neck.
121 - Kaguya's Rap - and i'm slowly backing away
123 - One Trick Pony 4 - listen to your body, that's a warning
124 - The Star Compass - Took a while for me to realize this was a trailer. It needs opening imagery of "producers" and "distributers". Your text work is very mundane. You must be new to it. Try imitating the text used in the official trailers to get some practice. You'll get a better feel for text work in time and be able to come up with your own interesting looks. Also, create your own custom title screen with your personal title of the trailer.
127 - The Way We Fell - <3 i love toradora. i need to watch it again.
130 - Shack Up - s'aight
131 - Phase 2 - :up: when the deadline sneaks up on ya after a month.
132 - daughter mother hopper - <3 ugh right in the feels. props for choosing a song of the right era.
133 - L histoire homosexuelle... - what's with the faux letter boxes?
134 - When She Loved Me - it is my goal to make you cry *punch to the face*
135 - Lock and Key - *shrug*
136 - A Place to Belong - story was difficult to follow. too much happening.
137 - SIB - not really convinced, combo is a stretch, also tricky to lip sync that. Great text work tho.
138 - Craven Hill - tricky to lip sync to live action, i totally wanna check out the ghost and mr. chicken now. You got some jittery frames in there.
139 - Origami Bones - <3 crop your letterboxing out, it'll save space. Lots of feels here. Love the title. editing is very clean
140 - Unfortunate - :up: don't see many drama MHA vids. that was a neat cover
141 - Desired Hues - <3 I love this one a lot. really great story telling. that last shot makes me want to cry. i don't like the color overlays, they're unnecessary and distracting. maybe keep a couple but get rid of most of them please.
144 - Revolutionized - not a fan of the song at all ick
145 - Thor Lebowski - You just wanted me to watch Idris Elba die.
146 - Grenadine - :up: perfection
147 - Poppycockers - :up: you didn't try to hide your identity this time. haven't seen the series but based on all the entries this song seems like a great match.
148 - In The End... - you coulda looked like you tried. 40 seconds of black at the end? get out.
149 - Madness - :up: frickin disturbing *shiver* Kinda like how I felt about Devilman Crybaby. I'm not sorry I watched it but yeah i don't need to see it again i'm good. oh sorry, put together well.
150 - Marvelous World - this combo has potential but the delivery is clumsy. don't try lip sync with live action, it don't work.
152 - Heavens Feel - what happened? there's no connection between the audio and video at all.
153 - I'm Sorry I'm Needy - i couldn't watch the whole thing. that chime in the song was like claws on a chalkboard to my ears.
154 - Undertow - not sure i really understand the story but the visuals are cool. not a big fan of the song.
155 - The Tin Man's Journey - <3 this one works surprisingly well. the tech could use some polishing but really good storytelling.
156 - Nineteen Eighty - so gangsta, much badass
157 - PSYCHO - combo's a bit of a stretch, not your best (if you're who i think you are)
158 - Burden of the Shield - it's missing something. i felt like i should have connected to it emotionally but i didn't, maybe narrow down the storytelling so it's easier to follow.
159 - My Treasure - I am never watching this series.
160 - Chika Wants to Dance - :up: :up: 1,440. That's roughly the number of masks you made for this (you repeated a few yes but still). Now, as an editor I can appreciate the amount of work this took, but the longer it goes on the longer my "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" becomes. Seriously. The video as a whole has no purpose. It's boring. Put something interesting in the background for pete's sake. You insane person.
161 - SarazanByeByeBye - Same problem I had last year with It's Gonna Be Me. It starts off strong but the visuals just don't match the energy of the song.
164 - Just Love - ohhhh she's a teacher i get it. i think the end sequence in the apartment goes on too long and is too linear. There's clearly dialogue happening here but we don't know what it is. You should throw in some flashbacks here to flesh out the conflict better. the rest of the video is really pretty.
165 - The Voltron Brigade - <3 you used only the good clips. *head bobbing* gotta buy that song now
166 - Like Sheep - combo is really heavy but the editing isn't. needs more movement and effort. commit to this barrel of angst.
168 - Sisyphus - :up: solid editing, short and sweet
169 - Dopamine - subject matter a little too dark for moi
173 - 2 Bros - *long whistle... kboom :down:
174 - Eternal Family - <3 of all the demon slayer entries this one makes me want to watch the series the most.
177 - Shady Gains - :up: all akshun all the time no waiting
178 - Envoy of the End - :up: that really threw me, i thought that was johnny bosch at first
179 - Carol's Poppin Tuesday - <3 great stuff all around. good choice on the year mix.
182 - The Promised Bottom - eh
184 - Scarlet Crimson Iron Sands - :up: really good showcase of the animation. from about 3:55 on it felt like there was too much story still being told. should be winding down here.
193 - Macho Hero - crop the letterboxes out, it'll save space. The combo is obvious and would work if you fully embraced it. This needs to be over the top or not done at all, otherwise it just feels like it should be an amv hell clip.
195 - Limbo - :up: nicely edited.
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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by neko kitkat » Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:13 pm

YAY! Here are my reviews this year! I hope you enjoy! <3
Spoiler :
Was Not expecting that song XD Series seems fun though! Great editing! and scene section was on point!

I really loved this amv. It was simple but invoked a lot of emotion from me. Only real complaint is a little better quality in footage. Other than that I found this amv charming and heartwarming!

Idk whats going on but is shows how chaotic life can be in a fun way XD Really unique and fun video! Must have taken a lot of time and effort to gather all the footage so major Kudos to you!

I have huge love and passion for MMVS. So this MMV makes me ecstatic! I love the tone and build up in the atmosphere. You captured the feeling of love, regret and pain quite well. I love how you constructed the scenes and the use of subtle effects to bring the images to life!

Their relationship is so chaotic and fun! makes me want to watch the series! The timing is phenomenal! The expressions with the scenes just flow so seamlessly with the music! This was a unexpected treat!

I..I have no words really. Poor puppies T^T well executed though!

I am just over the moon with this amv! I love Escaflowne! But I dunno just the audio and the music just worked so well. The simplicity of it and the scenes just made me happy. The timing is great! This amv is just overflowing with a emotion I can't quite pin point. But its calming and exciting and I literally had this on a loop for a good solid 10 minutes. It was just so refreshing!

I cried. Legit sobbed and balled my eyes out. I cannot express in words how this amv impacted me. Like it took me almost a good 30-40 minutes to recover from watching this. I loved the transition into the animated footage and just the timing was just spot on! I liked the use of audio overlapping the music as well. I kinda wished some of the back and white footage melded a bit more with the animation but thats HUGE nitpick on my end. I could go and write a literal essay on this amv. I don't know if I could re-watch this again without opening the floodgates but I will cherish this amv.

I love the song and the movie seems to be a good fit! I love the build up and how it got more intense by the end! This is very artistic and love the different art styles towards the end!

This is the most epic button pressing video I have ever seen. The timing and sync where just amazing and I found myself having fun with how intense it got!

I always find it hard to incorporated hip hop/rap into amvs. But you did so flawlessly! I am glad I finally saw this series so I can understand the context and what you were aiming for. Brilliant work and just overall loved the dark tones with the fast paced lyrics.

I don't know the series or the exact context of the series but I am loving the atmosphere and the build up. You're timing is really good just some areas I felt needed a bit of touch up. Overall though I think it was executed really well. I can feel there was a lot of thought and effort put into this and it shows!

This was so cute and amazing! I want MORE! Seriously timing was just perfect and the scene selection and pokemon used where just again perfect! This amv makes me SOOO HAPPY!

You can't fight crime or save the day without a epic costume to boot! Loved the into as the segway into the song. this was just so much fun to watch! the timing and sync were great! This amv just made me smile at the ridiculousness and epicness you have created! Just put a huge smile on my face!

I don't know the source but I love the dark atmosphere the intensity behind it. It was both mysterious and thrilling! The music seemed to suit the game(?). I kinda wish there was more action hitting the beats of the song at certain intervals but aside from that you have a solid piece of work! keep up the good work!

I am both utterly sad and confused. I haven't seen all the Marvel movies yet. I have seen a lot of the recent ones just not the Avengers, I still haven't seen Age of Ultron. Anyways i think you captured the feeling of hopelessness and defeat really well. Along with pain and sorry and trying to overcome that to an extent. Very emotional video and there was a lot of love put into this. Great job!

The minute the music started playing showing Miles Morales and his dad I LIT UP. LIke I was smiling the whole dang amv. The song worked surprisingly well with the movie and you hit the notes and scenes well! A little rough around the edges but it seriously filled me with glee! Just a wonderful idea and you defiantly made me happy!

This was such a sweet amv about love. I love the used of the static effects. I haven't seen this series but you can feel the love and emotion pull through with each scenes you juxtaposed with the song. Great timing and the sync was awesome!

The song was unexpected at first but really started to mesmerize me as the amv went on. The effects were awesome and uneasy and dark atmosphere really picked up with the tune of the music. I love how it just seemed to all melt together! Amazing work there!

I loved this! I haven't seen the movie but I love a good romance amv. I like the simplicity of it all. I find something heartwarming about the raw nature of this amv. There are areas I feel could use some fix ups but at the same time I really enjoy it as is. I just makes me happy. Like my heart is a flutter and there is a lot of heart and emotion behind it.

So many good Marvel amvs this year like dang! This one doesn't disappoint. I love the build up and the scene selection. Everything worked well with the lyrics and I really, really enjoyed this one!

I don't know whats going on or understand the song but DANG does it hit all the right beats. A solid action amv and just overall a great experience!

I love how this amv is a different perspective on Star Wars. I love the use of audio and the build up in the amv. It was so intense and moving all the same. Just a great concept and really well executed

This is both brilliant and confusing but mostly brilliant. I am conflicting with emotions right now. Extremely well edited!

That amv didn't go where I thought it would. Really well edited though and I love the silly edited parts like with the photo of the shoe and suff XD makes it all the more fun XD Still WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT

Seriously cute and really well done! Simple but hit all the right emotion and beats. I loved how it was paced out and you can feel the love the girls have for eachother. I basically smiled the whole way through!

This amv JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. I love the idea, though its been awhile since I have seen Kamisama Kiss. I think it works so so well! The scenes are perfect for the lyrics and I think you did a fantastic job. Only thing I would do is add some panning here and there but aside from that I really LOVE this, it really made me happy!

This was so intense! I love this song and never could think of a anime or series to do it too. You matched it Perfectly with Fate! The scenes and effects worked really well. I love how the color pallet balances out the the scenes and the song! Amazing job!

I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS! Still haven't sen the end of 3 yet though XD While not the sing choice I'd think would fit with the series I think you did a pretty good job. The action worked well. I had wished for more in-game footage rather than just the opening/ending cgi scenes. But those are usually the ost pretty and dynamic XD So I digress. Either way a interesting video! Could use some tidying up here and there but good job! Keep up the good work!

WOW this a intense amv. I love the build up and I got chills when the choir notes picked up. This is a visually stunning piece. I love the flow and how it just gets more and dramatic and uneasy with each passing second. Really enjoying the atmosphere! Great job and the timing is just spot on!

THIS WAS AWESOME. I haven't seen the series but I loved how fluid everything was and you hit the mark for action. I jealous! seriously great job!

lol ..what?? XD great timing though!

Started out so cute and pure then... well I was not expecting that! lol either way it was super well edited and funny to boot XD

OMG This is brilliant! I just love the progression and scenes selection. From characters just interacting to them getting on stage, just WOW. I feel there was a bit to many fade ins but just the concept alone is just jaw dropping. I had to watch this several times over. I am gushing over this and I have no idea what this series even is! Its just made me so hyped and happy! You did a fantastic job!

OMG O_O I haven't seen this movie/series but I know the events its based on just that's just so hilariously horrible of you. Really well edited though!

This was such a fun and nostalgic amv! I loved how you used a variety of digimon series. It was a nice homage to the franchise. The song also fit surprising well too! I really enjoyed it!

I am not crying, you're crying! Seriously such a touching and sad but sweet tribute to the strawhat crew. There was so much love and attention to detail in this and I could feel it radiating off the amv. You really put a lot of heart into this and it shows. Simply flawless!

Something about this amv tells me this is a bittersweet love story. I love the pacing and how everything flowed. I didn't quite understand some scenes, I think with context would help. But I understood there was a lot of emotion regarding unrequited love and I loved this!

SUCH LANGUAGE. XD JK but really interesting and unique edit! Great timing and was not expecting that XD


This was so creative! Trailers are always hard, at least for me. But you made this work spectacularly! I love the scenes you synced up with the effects and overall just overjoyed how this turned out!

I love how this shows how chaotic love can be and just how much a mess it can turn out but still have love in the end. I loved this. It was so well timed and energetic! I had just finished the series not long ago so This had me reeling with joy!

This was utterly adorable! I loved the timing and scene choices. The interactions were so cute and silly XD I love how cute you made this romance amv and just fun and sweet! This just made me smile so much!

You got me XD This was so well edited though! Makes me wish there was more XD

This was so heartwarming and bittersweet. I don't know much about stranger things but the father daughter relationship really shone through here. There was so much emotion and love behind this and I felt you really captured their relationship well. Especially as someone who hasn't seen the show. Great job!

That was interesting tun of events XD cute romance videos and Kyubey interrupting was funny XD Unexpected but so well done. Timing was really good!

Aww gawd that was depressing but so well done. I have never thought to use this song romantically. But you pulled it off so well! the scene choices and the emotions you displayed was so well done. everything flowed and was paced so well and just so heart wrenching. You did a fantastic job!

This was such a wild ride! I loved the timing and scenes selection! I love how chaotic their relationship seems to be. Its so fun! The song worked really well. I assume their both genius's but love each other and want to outdo one another. You edited this so well and I had so much fun watching this!

This was both gorgeous and heart wrenching. I didn't quite understand everything that was going on. But I can tell you made this amv with a passion for the series. So much love was put into this. Every beat hit HARD. You should be proud of the work you've done.

You surprisingly made this work so well! Like I was so pleasantly surprised! It took me a bit to realize what the trailer was for. But this was so fun and unique! I really enjoyed it! you matched scenes to the dialog and sound effects really well and I can't wait to see more from you!

That was intense and scary! Its like the horror Mary Poppins trailer. You did a fantastic job! i even love the use of old text at the end for for the film title! It was extremely clever! it was brilliantly executed and edited. Like I am just in AWE.

This is one of favorite entries to AWA this year. Its so simple but so powerful and evokes so much emotion. Like I got chills! I love of Monsters and Men and how songs can be interpreted in various ways. You captured the beauty of Kubo and the song in a wonderfully wrapped package. This is just absolutely stunning!

I love My Hero Academia! I love the build up here and the focus on All Might and Deku! It was a great mix if drama and action! I feel some scene could be a bit more fleshed out but overall this was a good amv. Keep up the hard work!

I am just speechless. I loved this. I haven't seen Tamako Market but man did this hit hard in the feels. That ending though! Extremely well edited and I wanted more XD. Only thing i felt was the purple overlay was a bit much in some areas but it was more a nitpick. Seriously, wonderful work!

To be honest the song isn't to my taste but the editing was just on point. Utena is such a beautiful anime and you captured it so well here! I love the editing and how its not overly flashy. Just letting the footage breath and take in the scenes to your editing. Its really wonderful.

I am seriously getting spoiled for these movies. Great editing though and I like the song choice for Thor!

I haven't seen this movie but dang those beats and sync! Just awesome! I like how trippy this is and how just fluid you make it!

I really love this! The timing and beats are perfect! I almost thought it was another troll with the cut off in the middle but so happy it wasn't! Not much to say other than fantastic work!

A pretty good action amv! I felt like in the beginning and other slower parts of the song. You got the spirit down and you did a good job! I know action can be particularly tricky! Keep up the good work!

Wow that was gory and honestly scared me a bit O.O But build up was intense and the use audio with music really sold it for me. Your timing was amazing and just letting the scenes breath and let you take in the atmosphere. You did an amazing job!

I have never seen this show/movie, but man was this adorable and sweet! I loved this! There was a lot of emotion put into it. Its so simple but so powerful! Fantastic job!

This was a good amv. I felt like some scenes went on for a little too long and maybe a little repetitive in re-use of certain scenes. Other than that i think you got some real potential for a great amv. I feel like you had a great idea and the focus was there just the execution needs a little work. You're doing good job so far, keep up the good work!

Well that was a thing. Lol a very different but albeit unique take on a romance amv. and I gotta say You did an amazing job! The build up with the loving moments to the slight nods of the girl being creepier and creepier throughout. Then hat ending! Just WOW. Keep up the fantastic work!

So confused whats going on But I AMD LIVING for this editing. I love how everything is put together and just just how the animation seems to come alive with the music. You put a lot o heart into this and it shows. Keep up the good work!

I am a huge sucker for family amvs. I love the clapping segments and how every scene was well thought out. This was a wonderful love letter to FMAB. Perfect song with perfect scene selection. You should be proud!

I like the concept of this amv. I am not a fan of this type of music but you got the gang vibe and it actually pulled together really neatly! Great job!

That was chilling. I loved the combination of the two sources. It was an unexpected fit! Really well done! A few scenes felt a little off but mostly just the laughing segment. But aside from that You really have a gem here! Keep Up the amazing work!

THAT SYNC. That so well done! I don't know much about this series but you pulled off emotion and action well. Everything was timed tot he beats and just an overall great amv. Keep up the awesome work!

That was disturbingly sad. Like the build up and conclusion just wow! I think a few pans here and there would have been great but aside from that I really enjoyed this amv. I love the dark melancholy vibes and the extremely bitter but somewhat sweet ending.

YAY dancing XD

That was really well edited and an unexpected song choice XD Very interesting take on a romance amv I felt! Great timing and sync! Just seriously find this a very fun and unique take on romance XD. I dunno what this series is but you pulled this off well! good job!

The song while repetitive really worked well with your scene placement. I really liked the flow and narrative you did. It was simple but effective amv that showed love and acceptance. Keep up thee good work!

I really liked the flow and fun you clearly had making this!. I was unsure in the beginning but really had me hooked once the lyrics picked up! I really Loved the beat and timing! You scene selection was great! Makes me want to try and finish the series (still on season 1 XD) But seriously keep up the good work!

This series seems really messed and creepy up XD I kinda got a little lost at the narrative towards the end but i think you had a pretty good pace for the majority of the amv. I think some pans and shorter scenes, mostly for the later half, would really tied this together a bit more. Keep up the good work though!

While I am little lost on the narrative, I love the aesthetic the amv built up. I love the slower paced scenes withe the more upbeat faster music and it just worked in a odd way. I really enjoyed this. It was simple but very effective.

This girl is obsessed in all the wrong ways. I like the timing and effects used in this amv. While I don;t know much about the series itself it looks to be a romance/thriller with some horror. You definitely captured that. Great job and keep up the good work!


I Loved this! I love the narrative between the two siblings and how you focused on the family elements. Your timing was just on point. I love how you melded scenes together and made this a truly beautiful experience. I love of Monsters and Men so this was a double win in my book! From timing and scene selection you can tell you really enjoyed the series. Keep up the amazing work!

This was an awesome action amv! I love the timing and flow and how smooth each transition was to each beat! I thoroughly enjoyed this. I really think you hit all the right tones and It was a great song choice from what i have seen. Keep up the great work!

I wasn't ready for this. But I am LOVING THIS. I love the tangled series and I love this song and the way you set it to Code Geass was just mind blowingly brilliant. The scenes and expressions were on point. Just amazing work all around. I am SO ecstatic to see this! you have NO idea! Great job and amazing work!

I really love this song! The scenes seemed to work and flow well with the music! Some areas could use a little touch up and maybe some effects? I love the concept though! This makes me want to dance XD I also really enjoy the narrative!

I love the dark atmosphere! I also really like the editing and the scene selection. I was unsure about the mixed anime at first but it worked the more as the amv went along. I'm not a huge fan of the song but you really hit hard with the lyrics and the beats. The chorus parts really sold it for me. This was pretty awesome and I really loved it by the end. Amazing work!

This was a trippy but mesmerizing amv! I live the use of audio with the animes you selected. Everything was timed extremely well. I am jealous of your use of effects and you did a great job! I don;t particularly care for this type of music but you made a great amv!

I feel I have been trolled...

I really liked this amv! I love the bittersweet story telling. The scenes worked fairly well too!. I think you captured the show and song extremely well! Only think is I think the white flashes were bit much and Unnecessary. Aside from that i really enjoyed the amv. Keep up the good work I can't wait to see more from you!

WOW You accomplished something I never thought could be done. A slow song action amv with a bit of drama. You just captivated me with the timing and scene selection. I was just captivated by your editing. i don't have much more to say the a job masterfully done. Really, you should be proud!

I really, really love the concept for this amv! Its an amazing idea! I felt maybe using more the the movie or other scenes from the tv series might have helped flesh this out. I see great potential, just needs some refinement! Keep up the good work!

This was beautifully edited. Everything flowed well and spot on timing! I love the use of effects and how everything was cut together seamlessly! Amazing work!

I hope you liked my reviews! Some seriously great amvs out there this year! Anyways I'm sick and gonna rest up! but I wish you all the best of luck!
Added Spoiler tag to reduce the length of the post - Kireblue

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by Kireblue » Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:57 pm

Friendly reminder for people to use spoiler tags for your reviews in order to reduce the lengths of your posts :D

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by Rider4Z » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:22 pm


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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by Kireblue » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:21 pm

Here are my reviews. There are a lot of videos this year, and I'm a bit short on time, so I apologize if I didn't word things as nicely as I usually would. If I give something a :puppy: , then that means it's one of my personal favorites.
Spoiler :
"19-001-The Subtle Art of Shitposting AMVs to AWA's Pro Contest-Pop Team Epic-Ylvis-You're Fucked.mp4""
Very appropriate for being the first video of the contest. I prefer it when comedy videos have more than just the initial joke, but at least this one is under 2 minutes and doesn't overstay it's welcome too much."

"19-029-Heard It Through the GrapeVINE-Vine Videos-My Chemical Romance-Na Na Na.mp4""
I hate memes, and so this video made me upset due to the fact that it was actually pretty creative and that I couldn't dislike it. The part where you started showing memes through the ages is what really sold me on it." :puppy:

"19-039-Up in Smoke-Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai-NF-If You Want Love.mp4""
It actually took me a while to realize that your backgrounds were live action. I think that's a pretty interesting idea, and I've never seen it done before in a manga video. I think you could double down on that concept a bit more and add in even more live action scenery instead of having so many scenes with just completely black backgrounds."

"19-040-Battle of Tsunshima-Kaguya-sama Love Is War-ONE OK ROCK-Bedroom.mp4""
Your audio volume is way too low, and that may be the thing that's preventing me from really getting into the video. But your source pairing is perfect, and your editing was pretty close to perfect as well."

"19-043-Araki's Bizarre Fetish-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-Ogden Edsl-Dead Puppies.mp4""
The song isn't really funny IMO, and the whole video revolves around a single joke which isn't really that funny either. I guess the pairing does work though."

"19-048-Over the Moon to Gaea-The Vision of Escaflowne-Bear McCreary feat. Raya Yarbrough-The Skye Boat Song (Extended).mp4""
Really good source pairing that does a good job at showcasing the anime. The narration at the beginning was especially good at setting up the show's world. I think that some of your crossfades could be adjusted a bit, but other than that, the editing is pretty solid."

"19-049-The Show Must Go On-various-The Greatest Showman Ensemble-From Now On.mp4""
How dare you combine my love for Disney with my love for “The Greatest Showman”! The moment you switched to animated scenes, I feel completely in love with this video. The pairing and concept is terrific, and the quote at the end was the perfect cherry on top. I'm literally heading out to Disney World tomorrow, so I really appreciated this video" :puppy:

"19-055-Forest Fires-The Prophet-Lauren Aquilina-Forest Fires.mp4""
Although your song choice and editing did a good job at presenting the emotions of your footage, I don't feel that the lyrics really convey what's happening on screen. And since I don't have any knowledge on your video source, I wasn't able to get the context of anything that was happening."

"19-064-Shows What I Know-Fastest Finger First-The Chemical Brothers-Galvanize.mp4""
Interesting pairing, but I feel that you should have cut your song at a few places in order to have your best animated scenes closer together and maintain the pace a bit more."

"19-065-S E A R C H I N G-Death Parade-NF-The Search.mp4""
The editing was pretty good, but I do feel that you missed a lot of opportunities for stronger lyric sync, and relied a bit too much on the mood of the song. For example: Not showing the woman getting punched in the face on the “crack your nose"", line, not showing her put on makeup for the “I put on my makeup” line."

"19-066-Exposure-Speed Grapher-Tommee Profitt-Cruel World.mp4""
Good pairing, but I feel that you used the circle effect too much. Also, I think that you could have adjusted the color levels of your footage a bit so that it doesn't look so washed out."

"19-068-Entomophile-Pokemon-Weezer-All My Friends Are Insects.mp4""
Perfect pairing and scene selection. Also very short and sweet. Great job!" :puppy:

"19-070-Super Models-various-Lady Gaga-Fashion.mp4""
Interesting concept, but it overstays it's welcome a bit. I think that you could have cut you song by a minute in order to just use your best scenes and focus more on match cuts. Also, I wasn't a fan of the vocals."

"19-071-Anamnesis-Warframe-Really Slow Motion-Antiproton.mp4""
You didn't really show any establishing shots in your video, and so I don't really have any context or understanding for anything that's happening."

"19-073-Everybody Knows that the Good Guys Lost-various-Sigrid-Everybody Knows.mpg""
Besides from the “good guys lost” line, most of your scene selection felt like a bit of a stretch and didn't really fit the context of the scene and lyric. Also, your footage looked stretched as well, and so I think that you may have rendered this out in the wrong aspect ratio in instead of cinematic widescreen."

"19-074-What Do I Stand For-Into the Spiderverse-FUN-Some Nights.mpg""
The source paring is a little weak, and your footage is really limited, so I think that you should have cut your song once or twice to help ease that. I also feel that you missed your opportunity to show Uncle Aaron dying on the “I looked into my Nephew's eyes” line."

"19-077-Ultimatum-Doukyuusei-James Snyder & Matt Doyle-Bare A Pop Opera.mp4""
I don't really feel that your grain and TV sim effects were necessary for most parts. I think that taking them out completely would have made the footage more interesting and enjoyable to watch."

"19-079-Far From Any Road-Death Note-The Handsome Family-Far From Any Road.mp4""
Although Death Note does capture the creepiness of the song, I'm not sure it was the most interesting pick for it."

"19-086-Breakdown-Your Name-Vanessa Carlton-A Thousand Miles.mp4""
Surprisingly perfect pairing, and it's really nice to see a video edited to this song in 2019. You editing was also amazing from start to finish. 10/10" :puppy:

"19-087-We Are Soldiers-various-Otherwise-Soldiers.mp4""
Good pairing and good editing. I think the video does exactly what it needs to do."

"19-089-Kill Your Idols-One Punch Man-BTS-Boy Meets Evil.mp4""
I think that you should have spent more time in the beginning establishing Garou and giving context to the preceding fights. Without the establishing shots, the video doesn't have a lot of context and just feels like random fights strung together."

"19-096-Rise of the Sith Lord-Star Wars-Greg Dombrowski-Stronger Than Fate.mp4""
I think that you should have limited the movies used in your video in order to keep the narrative more focused. A lot of the vocals felt unrelated to Vader's overarching story."

"19-097-A Big Dead-Terra Formars-The Greatest Showman Cast-This Is Me.mp4""
While the original actually worked as a full length vid, this one feels better suited as a AMV Hell type clip."

"19-098-My Zero 2D Wairfu-Darling in the FranXX-Philip Labes-Ignore Anything.mp4""
Not really sure why you choose Darling in the Franx for this pairing and not Mirai Nikki or Another. This pairing feels way too forced to work."

"19-099-With a Spring in my Step-After the Rain-Mindy Gledhill-Pocketful of Poetry.mp4""
Although I think that your pairing works, half of the video feels like the scenes are conveying the opposite sentiment of what's on screen."

"19-100-The Wavering Heart of the Unwavering Girl-Kamisama Kiss-P!nk-F__kin Perfect.mp4""
I found it really hard to follow along with your video for a number of reasons. The beginning of your video doesn't really set up the supernatural world of your anime, and so when monsters came into the picture, it was a pretty big whiplash and distracted me from the narrative"

"19-103-Hysteria-Fate Series-AuRa-Panic Room.mp4""
Flawless editing from start to finish. I would have loved to see more of a character profile type vid with this, but your AMV works perfectly as a visual and mood piece." :puppy:

"19-104-Trinity of Hearts-Kingdom Hearts-Amaranthe-Trinity.mp4""
lol. I see what you did there with this pairing. I didn't really get into this video, but the editing was pretty solid. One one hand, I think that you could have added a bit more a narrative to your video, but on the other hand, I'm glad that this didn't have any KH3 spoilers in it."

"19-105-Cemetery State of Mind-Fate stay night-Parkway Drive-Cemetery Bloom.mp4""
The video doesn't really set up any kind of narrative or context for anything that happens. Although I think that the song is a good fit, the scene selection feels pretty inconsequential."

"19-106-Slay Your Demons-Demon Slayer-Icon For Hire-Demons.mp4""
Due to how fast the song picks up, I think you would have been better off just jumping into the action and setting up Tanjiro's backstory later as a flashback (instead of editing it at such a fast segment of the song). The fight scenes and especially the last chorus was edited pretty well. You audio cut didn't go unnoticed though."

"19-108-The Truth About Eggplants-Umaru-chan-George Carlin-George Carlin.mp4""

"19-109-Inner Dialogue-My Love Story-First Date cast-Allison's Theme no1.mp4""
Not really sure why you picked this anime for this pairing"

"19-110-various-Macklemore-Can't Hold Us.mp4""
I feel like you needed to focus harder on highlighting the struggles of the girls and less on them dancing."

"19-112-Not Great Not Terribyl-Chernobyl-Elton Britt-Uranium Fever.mp4""
Good pairing but feels longer than it needs to be"

"19-118-Everybody Wants to Rule the Digital World-various Digimon-Tears for Fears-Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World.mp4""
I'm upset that you didn't put guilmon and takato for the “its my own design” line. And I don't really feel that your song captures the core sentiments of the Digimon series."

"19-119-Sad Piece-One Piece-Seth Bowser-Come Sail Away.mp4""
This has pretty good editing and a nice focus on Lufy's Crew. Also, great pairing"

"19-120-Braid Girl Cry Cat Pics-Variousmonogatari-Marianas Trench-Death of Me.mp4""
Very good flow and scene selection throughout the video. I noticed a few minor editing missteps here and there, but overall very solid."

"19-121-Kaguya's Rap-Kaguya-sama Love is War-The Lonely Island-Natalie's Rap.mp4""
I don't really feel like this was a strong pairing. Since Kaguya has the image of a pretty reserved and composed character, I had a bit of disconnect while watching your AMV"

"19-123-One Trick Pony 4 A Canonical Fart-Your Lie in Aprl-Gas X-Thin Strips Commercial.mp4""

"19-124-The Star Compass-Made in Abyss-The Golden Compass-Trailer.mp4""
The source pairing feels a bit weak and only barely fits. Also, you should use a more stylized font for trailers IMO."

"19-127-The Way We Fell-Toradora-Marianas Trench-Only the Lonely Survive.mp4""
Pretty solid editing, good pairing and easy to get in to. Nice Job"

"19-130-Shack Up-Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid-Ben Platt-Share Your Address.mp4""
Really Sweet combo. Could use some cleaner transitions, but it worked pretty well overall."

"19-131-Phase 2-Invader Zim Enter the Florpus-Sick Puppies-Going Down.mp4""
I'd love to see a full length video with this, but the ending was pretty great"

"19-132-daughter_mother_hopper-Stranger Things-Journey-Faithfully.mp4""
Although the song works for any tribute, it didn't really strike me as something specific to Hopper"

"19-133-L_histoire homosexuelle d_Homura-Puella Magi Madoka Magica-Flight of the Conchords-Rambling Through the Avenues of Time.mp4""
I think the inclusion of Kyubey could be switched to cuts instead of overlays, but this got multiple laughs out of me, so I guess it worked :-)"

"19-134-When She Loved Me-I Want To Eat Your Pancreas-Sarah McLachlan-When She Loved Me.mp4""
I think that the male cover of this song by Caleb Hyles would have been great to use and would have helped ease the disconnect that I had with the video being from the guy's perspective."

"19-135-Lock and Key-Kaguya-sama Love is War-Sia, Diplo & Labrinth-Genius.mp4""
Although it does fit, the pairing feels a little weak and one note due to how repetitive the song is."

"19-136-A Place to Belong-Angel Beats-Thriving Ivory-Angels on the Moon.mp4""
Although the song has the sentiments of Angel Beats, your narrative gets really confusing whenever you showed fighting scenes in between character development segments. And so I'm sure that someone unfamiliar with the show would be very confused"

"19-137-SIB INTERDIMENSIONAL-Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse-Men In Black International-Trailer.mp4""
IMO, this pairing is a really big stretch and doesn't really fit at all"

"19-138-Craven Hill-The Ghost & Mr Chicken-Crimson Peak-Trailer.mp4""
This trailer has a pretty big disconnect since there are so many instances where a female voice is portrayed as coming from a male character. Also, the lack of lip sync makes even the other character assignments feel a little weak. The mood is definitely on point though."

"19-139-Origami Bones-Kubo and the Two Strings-Of Monsters and Men-Your Bones.mp4""
I wish you had showed more of the plot of Kubo and portrayed a stronger narrative."

"19-140-Unfortunate-My Hero Academia-Chase Holfelder-Fortunate Son.mp4""
The focus of your video is a little confusing at points, and it's unclear who's really being talked about"

"19-141-Desired Hues-Tamako Market, Tamako Love Story-of Monsters and Men-Hunger.mp4""
Good pairing , flow and editing, but I'm not sure I get the ending. And I feel that you really overused light leaks in this."

"19-144-Revolutionized-Revolutionary Girl Utena-Mother Mother-Oh Ana.mp4""
I don't really get the song, but the editing was pretty solid."

"19-145-Thor Lebowski - The Dude-Endgame Infinity War-Johnny Cash-Hurt.mp4""
I kinda have a hard time taking anything with this song seriously, but in terms of Wolverine trailer parodies, I guess this fits. I think that you could have used a few more scenes of depressed Thor though"

"19-146-Grenadine-The Night Is Short Walk on Girl-I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME-Do It All The Time.mp4""
Your sources work well together, and and the aesthetic of the anime really fit the tone of the song. Editing was also pretty solid."

"19-147-Poppycockers-Kaguya-sama Love is War-Fall Out Boy-Irresistible.mp4""
Overall the editing and pairing was pretty good, but the inclusion of Free and the audio cut felt a bit cheap and lazy"

"19-148-In The End-Dragon Ball Super Broley movie-Linkin Park-In The End.mp4""
A bit too unoriginal and lazily edited IMO"

I'm not really a fan of these types of videos due to the instrumental music not really adding anything to the source besides just being a backdrop. So it ends up just feeling like a series recap."

"19-150-Marvelous World-The Marvelous Ms Maisel-Jodi Benson-Part of Your World.mp4""
I can't really get over the disconnect of your source not having anything to do with the little mermaid or water in general"

"19-152-Heavens Feel-Fate Stay Night-Within Temptation-What Have I done.mp4""
The pairing is a bit too generic, and a lot of your scenes are either too short, too long, or repeated."

"19-153-I'm Sorry I'm Needy-Future Diary-Ariana Grande-Needy.mp4""
A little disappointed that the video didn't have a even darker turn and bigger payoff"

"19-154-Undertow-From The New World-Third Eye Blind-Narcolepsy.mp4""
Although the editing is really good, the characters don't really feel like they have a strong attachment to the sentiments of the song."

"19-155-The Tin Man's Journey-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood-Imagine Dragons-Amsterdam.mp4""
Nice character profile with good mood and editing."

"19-156-nineteen eighty - angst-Akira-Rich Brian-Dat $tick.mp4""
Pairing works pretty well, but it didn't really interest me that much"

"19-157-PSYCHO-Mob Psycho 100-JOKER-Trailer.mp4""
Surprisingly good and interesting combo, but I feel that there were a few lines of dialogue that got in the way of my suspension of disbelief. If you remove them and the laughing scenes, I feel that the video would be a lot more believable."

"19-158-Burden of the Shield-The Rising of the Shield Hero-Katie Garfield-Gallows.mp4""
really great editing, flow and mood."

"19-159-My Treasure-Made In Abyss-Mimi Olesen-Lucky Charm.mp4""
The song didn't really add much to the anime IMO, and so it felt like just a recap of the episode."

"19-160-Chika Wants To Dance-Kaguya Sama Love Is War-Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up.mp4""

"19-161-SarazanByeByeBye-Sarazanmai-N_Sync-Bye Bye Bye.mp4""
really good combo, but I feel that you should have added in the frogs to help ease your lack of footage."

"19-164-Just Love-Garden of Words-Cash Cash-Call You.mp4""
you didn't really have enough footage to keep up with the pace of your song, and the pairing doesn't really feel that strong either since they don't ever actually call each other"

"19-165-The Voltron Brigade-Voltron-TWRP-Starlight Brigade.mp4""
I think that the pairing works, but Danny Sexbang is always really hard to understand in his songs. Also, the song didn't feel very personal to the
characters, and so it kinda felt like background music at times."

"19-166-Like Sheep-The Promised Neverland-A Perfect Circle-Pet.mp4""
The song doesn't really match the tone of the footage that you used, and so there was pretty big disconnect throughout your video."

"19-168-Sisyphus-The Sky Crawlers-Andrew Bird-Sisyphus.mp4""
Good pairing, and nice flow throughout the video"

"19-169-Dopamine-Happy Sugar Life-OK Go-Obsession.mp4""
overall good mood, but I think that the story progression starts to stumble a bit towards the end"

"19-173-2 Bros-various-Rick & Morty-Two Brothers Trailer.mp4""
the scene selection was pretty good and funny"

"19-174-Eternal Family-Kimetsu no Yaiba-Of Monsters and Men-King and Lionheart.mp4""
I think that some of your mask transitions could be tweaked a bit, but you did a good job at conveying the sentiments of the show, and the ending segment was really strong"

"19-177-Shady Gains-Kimetsu no Yaiba-Panic at the Disco-Say Amen.mp4""
I don't really feel like this was a strong pairing, and although the editing wasn't bad, it feels like you put the action scene on auto pilot a bit."

"19-178-Envoy of the End-Code Geass-Rapunzel cast-Ready As I'll Ever Be.mp4""
Although the pairing fits, the song doesn't really provide much context for itself or the anime."

"19-179-Carole's Poppin' Tuesday-Carole and Tuesday-DJ EarWorm-United States of Pop 2009.mp4""
Editing this song with a single source is a interesting decision that I definitely respect, but at the same time I feel that you still needed to do something to match the frequent changes of the song."

"19-182-The Promised Bottom-various-various-various.mp4""
I not really a fan of comedy that uses fake subtitles, so I didn't really find any of your segments funny."

"19-184-Scarlet Crimson Iron Sands-Kamitsu no Yaiba-Svricina-Battlefield.mp4""
really good pairing and great editing. You also did a good job at setting up the motivations of the characters and flowing between their scenes."

"19-193-Macho Hero-My Hero Academia-The Village People-Macho man.mp4""
You rendered your video out in the wrong resolution and caused your footage to be double letterboxed. Also, this video feels like it would have been better suited as a AMV Hell clip"

"19-195-Limbo-Kimi no Na wa-Airports-Limbo.mp4""
Perfect pairing and scene selection. Definately a stand out video to this source. 10/10" :puppy:

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by siny » Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:23 am

exclusive first reactions to pro videos :awesome:
Spoiler :



















































































I might do actual reviews after the official together watch <3

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by tko03isaneditor » Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:12 am

i'll try to yeet my entry in 2 minutes before the deadline, but i'm not counting on rushing my AMV ;-P
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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by KeiichiFace » Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:35 am

tko03isaneditor wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:12 am
i'll try to yeet my entry in 2 minutes before the deadline, but i'm not counting on rushing my AMV ;-P
Oh no, the deadline passed! These are all the reviews of the submissions.

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by PaNTSU oF d00m » Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:57 pm

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s1E ... sp=sharing

I haven't slept so I'm going to sleep now.

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by NataLeo » Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:00 pm

If you are reading this there is a 99% chance that you have been editing for longer than I have, so if you take these opinions personally, then that's 100% a you problem. The only thing that qualifies me to give my opinion is the fact that I submitted. That being said, I had a blast watching and reviewing every single one of these. My opinions are HIGHLY subjective and these are mostly Gut-Reaction-Hot-Takes. They might be constructive, they might not. AMV's are silly. Enjoy!!! Dinos are given to my personal faves, regardless of objective quality :dino: (also prepare for an aggressive lack of proper capitalization and punctuation)
Spoiler :
1- much wow 6.5/10
29-i am both sad and glad that this exists. yee yee friend 6.75/10
39-conflicted bc i know manga vids take a lot of work, its has heart but its also boring. nice use of photographs as backgrounds. 4.5/10
40-volume issue, solid but passable. 5.5/10
43-yea so im calling the police... 1/10 not funny and a bit of a bore.
48-beautiful and interesting... did think it was a trailer at first though. great stuff 7/10
49-made me cry. i hate you and i love you...you better win something for this. 11/10 phenomenal :dino:
64-passable. what even is this song. 3/10
65-ooo!!! butter to my eyes and ears, kept me the whole time. 9/10 lovely :dino:
66-interesting, a little choppy and vid quality made me go eh :/ good intentions artistically tho 4.5/10
68-precious. a great use of a minute and a half. 7/10
70-super cute. a little long tho. 6.5/10
71-weirdly paced and kind of hard to watch. 2/10
73-odd squished footage but beautiful concept...super solid! 6.5/10
74-footage quality is noticeably off, nice pairing but doesnt make the most of it. decent watch tho 6/10
77-YES!! my little heart. great, concise, and super sweet. 7.5/10
79-how fun!! great pairing. a little long but a suuuuuuper cool watch. 7/10
86-this turned out wonderful!! only criticism is that its a little long for me, but i love that you turned a meme song on its head. 7/10
87-bit of an underwhelming song choice, a little long, but great overall and Super (ha) solid. 6.5/10
89-passable, starts off slow but manages to pick up. 5.5/10
96-a lot of fun and great narrative, Solid. pew pew 7/10
97-perfect in every way. i screamed. 9/10 :dino:
98-what did i just watch??? fun and weird. 6/10
99-suuuper cute and doesnt overstay its welcome. good stuff 7/10
100-needs some polishing but solid and sweet. 7/10
103-beautiful and concise, a fabulous watch!!! imagine knowing how to do FX couldnt be me lmao 10/10 :dino:
104-the song was a meme for me at first but it was Super well made?? an absolute blast great job 8/10
105-great pairing, a little slow but Super solid. 7.5/10
106-an absolute joyride, fabulous stuff and great pairing. 8.5/10
108-cute..? 3/10
109-what musical is this 4/10
110-solid intentions, needs polishing for sure and a little long but cute. 6/10
112-the peen scared me. fun stuff 6.5/10
118-cute pairing but misses the mark. WAY too long and low quality footage. 3/10
119-surprisingly emotional and solid, didnt keep me all the way through tho. 6.5/10
120-not really my cup of tea, way too many closeups of eyes lmao. good pairing tho! 6/10
121-@MCHY keeps bullying me and its your fault 5/10
123-okay... 2.5/10
124-i wish there were producing credits and better textwork. decent lipsync 5.5/10
127-fantastic. perfect length and great pacing. NOICE 8/10 also i loved that you saved the kiss for the end (i know its an obvious move but i uwu'd) :dino:
130-precious and concise. our patron saint ben platt 7/10
131-AAAAA i wish this was finished but Fabulous save. GREAT 8.75/10 :dino:
132- starts off slow but manages to pick up, love the pairing and gave me feels. decent cutting of the song. HES THE AMERICAN 7/10
133-cute i guess. passable 4/10
134-cute and sad but visually lacking. wish it was shorter 5/10
135- a super duper fun watch, love some of the technical choices but overstays its welcome a little. good stuff tho. 7/10
136-needs some polishing at the beginning and end but a super solid watch, i love the pairing and your use of action. 7/10 :dino:
137- clearly the first trailer youve made, a bit of a stretch and a little short. nice text work and good intentions, but better luck next time. 5.5\10
138-ambitious but im still not sure if it works.funky footage @ 1:50. cute tho 4.5/10
139-paced too slow, but great pairing and super solid concept. just needs some polishing.6/10
140-a drama MHA vid? nicely done. kept me all the way through, very good stuff. 7/10
141-beautiful and made me a lil emo. love triangle took me by surprise 7.5/10
144-why this song. why. 4.5/10
145-i love it but i am still confused 6.5/10
146-funky, fresh, and a Blast to watch. 8/10
147-REALLY good, great pairing. 7.5/10
148-remember that part in Broly where the screen goes black bc they used their animation budget too fast?? 3/10
149-absolutely chilling. best character profile ive seen in a while. awesome job. 9/10 :dino:
150-interesting pairing that im not sure i like. a bit sloppy. 5/10
152-may i recommend editing with your eyes open 2/10 (seriously what happened?? just looks like first stage scene selection to me)
153-needs some polishing but cute concept 5.5/10
154-...still not sure how i feel about it. the song doesnt lend itself well to its length but its very visually interesting. 6.5/10
155-flattered that several people have (incorrectly) guessed that this was my video! despite needing some technical tightening im obsessed with the pairing and it was a blast to watch. 7.75/10 :dino:
156-weird song and never really picks up, it just plateaus. zoom zoom 4.5/10
157-sadly too much of a stretch for me, the laughing lipsync solidified that. good textwork and intentions though. 5.5/10
158-the first submission in this comp that makes me want to watch its source. beautiful, clean, and lovely to watch. fantastic job 10/10 :dino:
159-ow. ambitious with no lyrics but you managed to keep me all the way thru, would benefit from being shorter and not as linear. 6/10
160-if you are who i think you are, i liked your other meme vid idea better. still super cute tho. 6\10
161-cute pairing, feel like it would have hit harder if it was shorter, it seemed like you were running out of clips to use. 6.75/10
164-song choice isnt the best, doesnt really mesh well until the end (kindof) some footage was laggy for me but an okay watch. 5.5/10
165-the first memorable voltron vid ive seen, a funky and fun watch that despite minor technical issues i liked watching! 7/10
166-had me for the first minute and a half but suffers from being Way too long & linear past that mark. beginning was super spooky n nice tho! 5.75/10
168-a little passable but an interesting watch and didnt overstay its welcome. nyoom 6.5/10
169-super solid vid but subject matter made me uneasy...not my cup of tea sorry :^((((((( 5.5/10
173- made me giggle. nice 6.5/10 IQ too large unable to process file
174-you took all my uwus at gunpoint friend. despite technical issues in the first half (some transitions) it was a wonderful pairing and watch. 8/10 :dino:
177-not sold on the pairing but still a decent watch, especially the action sequences. interested to see how it stacks up against other DS vids. 6.5/10
178-took me a sec to get into the pairing but you NAILED it! fabulous watch that will def being going on my amv favorites playlist in the future. 8.5/10 :dino:
179-fantastic pairing, only complaint is the length. you made good use of the time tho 7/10
182-probably would be funnier if i watched the show. waaaayyyyyy overstayed its welcome. 3/10
184-butter to my eyes and ears...managed to feel shorter than it was which is Awesome. beautiful job 8/10
193-reminds me of that time @ momocon when Stats Bar played their own music over our amvs on the TV's...except this time its just that scene from the MHA movie. work with what u have i guess 4/10
195-the first fast Your Name amv ive seen that actually works, great pairing & love that you used absolutely everything to the fullest. amazing 8.5/10
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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by SQ » Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:21 pm

I haven't seen the sources of like 99% of these videos.
Also, despite my join date, you're probably a better editor than I am.
This is my first time ever sending anything to pro, and it's also my first time in forever taking an amv contest seriously. I think the last time I did that was like 2005 so. Yeah.
I've written these as I was watching them, so they are first impressions only. Sometimes my feeling about a vid changes over time.
Read at your own peril.
Spoiler :
001 - Technically good but I have a bias against parody entries.

029 - Much love for this. Was pulled off really well. Congrats

039 - I haven't seen many MMVs but I know they're hard to do. You did a good job, loved your use of stock footage. Some animations were rather rough. A+ Storytelling.

040 - Audio level is super low?? If these were your masks and/or transitions, they're really nice.

043 - I made it through the whole thing but it's just really not my type of video. I don't think the song is good AMV material. Good effort anyway.

048 - Esca's my favorite anime and this footage looks gorgeous. Either from the new bluray and/or you've got an epic avs game. Intro is great, I feel like it doesn't really flow after that for some reason. Good editing, I'm just in the minority and this didn't really hit me overall.

049 - It's good but out of my scope to say anything about it. Nice homage.

055 - I REALLY REALLY LIKED THIS ONE. Nice timing, A++ story game. I usually find stories hard to follow in AMVs but you made it crystal clear what the progression was in this video. Amazing job. Standout for sure, I hope others appreciate it.

064 - Interesting concept, edited well, just didn't really grab me. I don't think the music is a good pair. Might be fixed if you had shortened the song. Seemed like it went on for too long.

065 - Good build up and good drops, but doesn't seem to keep up the tempo overall. Might've benefitted from the song being shortened. But I also have a bias as I've seen way too many Death Parade AMVs and I'm kinda Death Parade AMV'd out. Props for going with a different genre of music than is usual, though.

066 - Speed Grapher! Another of my fave anime. I don't think I've EVER seen an AMV of that. Unfortunately that seems to be the only thing going for this one. Didn't really grab me.

067 - It's well done for what it is, but I don't really go for these types of videos. Sorry.

070 - lol. Well. Points for originality.

071 - I see what you're going for here and it's a really nice idea, it just wasn't executed as well as it could've been. Did the Pro deadline sneak up on you? Seems like it could be tuned up more. Not sure if my pc or the video, but almost every edit seemed off.

073 - oof. wrong aspect ratio my dude. This concept is kind of overdone in the vidding community since infinity war came out. Your video isn't bad, but there's also nothing good that makes it stands apart from other vids like this.

074 - Pretty good but doesn't seem polished until about 1:12. The song starting there seems like more of your editing style's strong point. 2:07 - 2:25 another standout. Doesn't seem like the faster parts of the song were paced out as well as they could've been. Was there a filter put on this? Some of the scenes seem like a 3d effect was added. I know Spiderverse has some funky things going on with it but I don't remember some of these scenes looking like that. If it was a filter, it's a bit too distracting imo. Despite all this I liked the video.

077 - Static overlay for memories is surprisingly innovative. Not too distracting either. Great story progression, nice romance video.

079 - lol nice use of stock footage. Great story progression, love the song - atypical of these types of videos. Great synch. However, video quality differs a lot from sources/scenes. Didn't always seem intentional.

086 - It's not bad in any way really, but it doesn't really stand out, either. Probably hits home a lot more for people who've seen the anime (I haven't, but I know what it's about). 2:10 - 2:28 is a standout. Unfortunately the same feeling and tempo doesn't continue afterward - only picks up again some time later for the ending.

087 - See 074's review. You don't have any technical errors though. 3:14 - 3:33 I thought was your strongest part.

089 - A source I don't like with a music genre that I don't like which is overused YET. THIS IS A VERY GOOD VIDEO. Nice. Love your synch choices. Black flashes also used well but not overdone. Hard to pull off. Another stand out. A++

096 - It's well put-together. Can't comment much. I guess it goes in the same realm of 049. A good homage. I'm sure it's a great vid for fans.

097 - This is very much out of the scope of my editing style, so I can't comment on technique aside from the fact that this held my attention and seems like a cool video. 1:46 - 2:05 and 2:29 - 2:49 I felt were your strongest parts.

098 - The concept is there but it doesn't seem like it's finished. The lip sync is not... there. Either synch it or remove the lip flaps, what you have now just doesn't work. How unfinished this is is extremely apparent at the tone shift at 2:20 when the lip synch is on point. Did 2 different editors do this? You could've had something amazing here. Give yourself more time before the deadline to pull it off.

099 - Cute, well done, good contender for best romance. Made "boring" scenes keep my attention really well. Good story progression. This is sweet =]

100 - Some timing seems off but overall a nice, cute vid =]

103 - 0:57 - 1:10 was a stand out. nice. Also greatly enjoyed 1:46 - 2:30. Having seen a few other Fate vids (all of which are effects heavy), I'm not sure if these effects are yours or inherit to the anime. Sometimes they're done well, other times they're kind of distracting. In particular I felt the glitching was overused. Obviously, ignore this if you didn't put the effects there. Overall, a good vid but seems a little unfinished. Some more polish and I think it will be a very unforgettable AMV that sticks with you.

104 - Very nice video quality for the source material. I felt 0:54 - 1:00 was your strongest synch. 1:48 - 2:03 another stand out.

105 - Ooooooooooooooo. This is different. Only "bad" thing is, did you filter this footage? Looks kinda blotchy for lack of better wording.

106 - Tight timing all through. Felt 2:26 - 2:40 was your strongest segment. Points to the synched breath, thought that was cool.

108 - :/

109 - Not my type of video but there's nothing wrong with it and must confess I chuckled.

110 - Not my type of video. Nothing to distinguish it from similar videos. Shortening the song would likely have helped you here.

112 - Good for what it is, but not really my thing. Probably hilarious for fans or those familiar with the show.

118 - Love digimon! Take more care in trying to achieve a constant video quality. But I know it's hard for these sources. Alltogether just doesn't seem like you have developed an editing style or are solid with your editing fundamentals. But you have a good foundation. Keep practicing and making AMVs. The spirit is there.

119 - It's well-edited with higher video quality than I'm used to seeing in One Piece videos. It's solid, but like the escaflowne video (048), it doesn't really capture me. I'm probably in the extreme minority here.

120 - Timing is mostly on point but seems unfinished. Especially seems to fall apart toward the end. Give yourself some more time before deadline for polish. Still a really good video as-is. Nice contender for romance. Points for being distinctive from other AMVs with this anime.

121 - Not my thing, but very well done for what it is. Props for not overlooking lip synch at 0:48. That attention paid off. Some lip synch looks a little off but with this much synch, it doesn't take away from the video overall and is easily overlooked. Not lip synching 2:16 ("No more questions" ) I think detracts from the vid. I assume credits come after. That sequence is awesome if you made it yourself. Props.

123 - lol. Good for what it is.

124 - lol. Very creative synch and scene decisions. You REALLY wanted this pairing to happen. Valiant effort, but still seems to fall flat for me. Nothing technically wrong with your editing, just don't think the sources mixed well enough. Don't take this too hard. It's extremely difficult to pull off trailers well.

127 - Interesting synch choices. 1:05 - 1:08 and 3:05 - 3:23 I felt were especially strong. 1:41 - 1:44 another standout. Good as-is but also seems like it could use a bit more time to polish.

130 - Interlacing at 0:36 distracts heavily from otherwise beautiful source quality. Timing is good but scene selection and story progression needs work. Still an enjoyable romance vid.

131 - Was waiting for a good AMV to come out of this movie lol..... damn your fake out. Was gonna say this looked like a late stage rough draft til that part. Guess I called it. Hope you finish this some day.

132 - Good timing, synch, mood, story progression. Emotionally provocative, even for the only person on the planet who hasn't seen this series (me). Strong audio/video source pairing. Could use some polish in some areas but A+ as-is.

133 - Funncy concept, technically nothing wrong with it, but it failed to catch me, which is interesting since this is an anime I'm familiar with.

134 - Lip flap detracts from some parts. Seems like a late stage beta. Still a nice, emotional vid.

135 - Nice mask work (if that's not in the anime). Another one that seems like a late stage beta. 2:10 - 2:17 stood out to me. Still a contender for best romance imo.

136 - Cool concept. Good use of the tone shifts. Seems unfinished. Try not to reuse scenes so much. 2:42 - 2:52 seems especially weak. This could be an amazing video if you spent some more time on it.

137 - Audio quality seems bad, but I know it can be hard to get good sources for this. I thought this was executed really well, but some scene choices held you back. Not really a fault of you. You're limited by the material. Perhaps editing the trailer audio would've helped you here (or using a different trailer version). A+ on your titles.

138 - Live action trailer mashup? What a rare gem. Good effort, especially creative solution to lip synch. Unfortunately the whole thing just doesn't land for me. I can see and really appreciate the intent, though.

139 - Your fades could greatly benefit from eases (easy ease, ease in, ease out, etc.). Lack of this doesn't detract from video, however. Excellent overall. Doesn't hit me quite close to home as 055 did, but I have all the same remarks for you. I felt 2:14 - 2:26 was especially strong. Great source pairing. Loved the ending scene.

140 - Excellent storytelling for probably the only person on the planet who hasn't seen this anime. Beginning constant wipes were a bit distracting but this is a tight, strong vid beside that. Loved it.

141 - I like your editing style. It's so smooth. Another good romance video. That lens flare/color light effect thing gets really distracting after a while though. Try not to rely on it so much. It's more effective when you just use the subtle hue change as the transition instead (imo). Romance category is going to be real tough to judge this year.

144 - Ooo nice video quality for such an old anime. An odd song for an odd anime. Nice pairing. Some scene choices seemed like placeholders, but these were few. Late stage beta? 98% awesome, though. Probably will reach only a limited appreciation, but this is weird enough that's it's going to grow on me. I welcome myself to your editing niche.

145 - "this trailer is a parody of a parody" oh shit what am I in for.
ok damn that was good. That should not have worked as well as it did. Post this to r/marvelStudios when AWA is over. Will probably get tons of attention there. You have my vote for best trailer if we wind up with that category.

146 - I've no idea what's going on here but I like it. Fun. Great internal synch.

147 - The filter you used in the beginning hurts my eyes and doesn't add anything to your video. Really great internal synch. Gotta say I hate the intermission. Sorry. Gotta mention how great that internal synch is a second time though. I'm a bit jealous. I am very conflicted about this video but overall it is good.

148 - You are brave.... It may benefit you to look up frequently used source combos before going for your own. Your video doesn't seem to have anything going for it that sets it apart from the masses. Will probably appeal to fans of this particular movie, but otherwise falls flat.

149 - i n t e r e s t i n g... Excellent concept, but needs work. Spend more time polishing it and you will have a very nice vid on your hands. There are times it drags. Some more polish will fix the momemtum and buildup. Felt you could've ended at 5:04 on a more thought-provoking moment, but the last 30 seconds doesn't really detract from video anyway. You had my attention throughout the whole thing. The flaws I mention are minute. Very difficult to pull off for a vid like this in our community, especially considering its length. Congrats to you. Hope others appreciate it.

150 - Audio seems really low? Oof, don't try to lip synch live action. Live action sources aren't like anime, you can't edit them the same way. This style doesn't mesh well for your source. Practice/research a bit more before trying to bridge the communities. You've reached an unfortunate culture shock here.

152 - Your editing style does not go well with this song at all. Take some time to practice/research other AMVs with styles you like before entering more contests.

153 - I can't pinpoint any technical or artistic error in this video, but I don't know. It just falls flat. Sorry.

154 - This hit me in a good way. I can't really explain it. I get the feeling you might not be wholly happy with this video. Extremely late stage beta, perhaps? Well, rest assured this nobody is filing this AMV away for later. You and 144's editor would probably work well together if you haven't already. I feel like the brainstorms you two could come up with would be amazingly unique and a much needed divergence from typical AMVs.

155 - Could use some tighter editing, especially the beginning claps. Still a pretty good vid as-is, I enjoyed it. Not as stand out as others, but you have age of the anime (and derth of AMVs using it) working against you. I felt 1:53 - 2:03 was your strongest part. 2:42 - 2:55 another standout.

156 - Seems like an early beta. Timing and editing style not a good match up for this song. Picks up and tightens up at 0:49, but then gets too loose again.

157 - A better match of sources than most of the other trailers, but still falls flat. Seems like it would work, just needs some more time to think through scene selection in some spots. You've got a solid foundation here. Might be sitting on gold. Very strong ending. Kudos.

158 - Good atmosphere. I like your editing style. I liked this vid a lot but it seems like it might be a (very) late stage beta. Either way, kudos.

159 - I like this but it drags too much in my opinion. Unfortunately I'm not sure how you'd fix that while still using the same song, which would defeat the whole purpose.

160 - :\ Points for masking effort I guess.

161 - It's better than I expected, but not enough to keep my attention. Seems like it needs tighter editing. Early beta? Very strong beginning but fell flat early.

164 - Failed to keep up with the tempo changes in the music. Good start and it looks like the story progression is solid. Probably your editing style just doesn't mesh well with this type of song.

165 - Solid foundation but feels like an early beta. This seems like a video I should really like but for some reason it just isn't gripping me at all.

166 - Another song choice vs editing style mismatch. Feels like an early beta.

168 - This is definitely out of my editing style preferences but it's well-executed. Ending seems to fall flat though? This will probably grow on me a lot with subsequent viewings.

169 - Well executed. Loved the story progression, but seemed to drag a bit in the beginning. Outside this, I don't think I know enough to comment. Loved 2:20 - 2:33. Was doubting the source pairing til this moment.

173 - I'm biased because I didn't even like the original sketch.

174 - Timing could be tighter in some spots,but it is a technically good video. Can't see anything particularly wrong with it, but it didn't grip me. I'm probably in the minority. I felt 3:19 - 3:36 was your strongest.

177 - Well, points for innovative song type. Unfortunately I think I'm suffering burnout from AMVs using this anime. I felt 1:00 - 1:11 was your strongest segment. 2:00 - 2:20 another standout.

178 - WHOA unique song choice. Points. This has no right being as good as it is. Congrats on the execution. Excellent source pairing. Beyond all expectations. Could probably use some polish, but I overlooked it by how innovative this is. A++.

179 - Thought this was a dance vid to begin with and that was a good fake out. Tight editing, good story progression. Kept surprising me just as I was about to tune out. Also exciting to see a vid to a song like this that is not inundated with effects and masks. Unique and creative all around. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The vid's longer than I usually go for, and it drags a bit in places, especially after 3min in, but it still progresses the story so I wouldn't consider this a complete negative. Overall, it still may be beneficial to shorten the mix by a minute or so.

182 - Not sure you'll find the audience you're looking for in a contest like this. Otherwise, no comment.

184 - Really nice source pairing. Tight editing. Story progression. A standout from the other vids using this anime. I felt 2:14 - 2:42 was your strongest segment. 3:14 - 3:45 another standout.

Nice mask transitions at 3:22, 3:27, 3:30 btw. If they're your's (I'm not familiar with this anime). Overall an A+ vid, contender for best overall imo (if we have that category), but the ending scenes could use work. Different selection/order may hit home better.

193 - Early beta? Needs a lot more work to reach its potential.

195 - I'm a little burned out from AMVs using this anime, but I still ended up liking this. Nice work. I liked your use of motion in your transitions (whether the motion inherit in the source material or manually done). However, like 141, you rely on that lens flare/color light effect thing way too much. It takes away from your otherwise good editing style.
Overall I would say that I personally am likely not a good person to be in pro?? If that makes sense. A bit of a culture shock, if you will.

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Re: Obligatory, annual, elitist AWA 2019 Pro AMV review!

Post by BleachShippu5678 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 2:28 am

Honestly, I'm not good enough to really judge anyone's video, but since I'm in the contest as well I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not very good with words and what I think which is why a lot of these are short. I also realized I say "really" a lot
Spoiler :
Pro 2019 Review

001: This exists and I’m honestly glad it does, no lie

029: I hate that I love this so much. I’ve watched it so many times and smiled throughout the whole thing

039: Was pretty good, but didn’t keep my attention too well, but to be fair I’m not really one for MMVs, so don’t take this too hard from me

040: This was really fun to watch and had me glued to the screen the whole time

043: Why?

048: Really smooth and a good watch. And the crisp quality made it even better

049: I absolutely love this, and I’m so happy I get to watch it

055: Never saw the movie before, but it makes me want to watch it. Very pretty

064: Flow was kinda choppy but I really like the idea of it, keep up the good work

065: Really see that you enjoy the series and it showed the animation well. Kinda struggled with the tempo at the second drop but good job

066: A lot of unnecessary crossfades and the flow was choppy and the video quality looked meh. Also try to remove lip flaps if you can

068: A lot of fun

070: Really funny idea and done pretty well

071: Really slow for how fast the song gets and didn’t really hold my attention

073: Really cool video. Even though I don’t watch Marvel movies it really made me understand what people love about them

074: I really felt your love for this movie, but I feel like you missed some opportunities with some of the drops and some scenes were cut too short which made it choppy. Also try to fix the letterboxing. Really loved the idea though.

077: Some of the scenes looked like they were stuttering and it had some unnecessary crossfades. Good video overall though.

079: Hadn’t seen a Death Note AMV in a while and I really enjoyed this one

086: Really loved some of the sync in this video. Enjoyed it

087: Really good video

089: Saw what you were doing with this video but it just didn’t hold me. Good job though

096: Good video overall and I like the idea a lot

097: I didn’t know this anime existed and I could have gone my whole life without knowing about it

098: Really good video, kept my attention throughout the whole thing and made me laugh a lot. Good stuff

099: Nice video and made me smile

100: Really good

103: Good video and reminded me of why I need to watch the new Fate/Movie

104: Good video and sync

105: Really liked the tone of this one and it was well done

106: Showcased the animation really well and I enjoyed it a lot

108: Yes

109: Made me laugh a lot and was done well

110: The flow was really choppy with really poor crossfades and it really didn’t hold my attention

112: Funny and enjoyable

118: Cool idea, but since I had never seen digimon I didn’t really relate to it much

119: I don’t even like One Piece and this hurt me. Really good video

120: Solid video

121: A lot of fun and really good lip sync

123: This exists

124: Makes me want to watch made in abyss. Good video

127: Absolutely love this video. Watched it multiple times and smiled the whole way through. I need to watch Toradora! again

130: Good video

131: The ending really cracked me up. Good stuff

132: You murdered my heart. Murder is illegal. You’re going to jail, kiddo

133: I really enjoyed this. Good video

134: Good video, I really need to watch this movie

135: Enjoyed this video a lot. Good stuff

136: Was kinda stiff in some spots but good overall. Really enjoyed the part with the solo.

137: Good idea and was done well

137: Really liked how you mixed the two sources. Good stuff

139: Really felt your love for this movie Really well done

140: Enjoyed this a lot

141: Loved the story you made with this. It was well done

144: Good video, though I recommend using Ken Burns

145: Honestly a really good video. I liked the idea a lot

146: Well edited and it flows nicely

147: Fun to watch and I love the sync a lot

148: This exists. Felt like I was in 7th grade again. That’s about it. It really just fell flat

149: Haven’t seen Hannible but I enjoyed it nonetheless

150: Was fun to watch and well put together

152: It really fell flat. Felt like you just threw in a few scenes and said “alright, that’s good”

153: I forgot Mirai Nikki existed, good idea and was well executed

154: Solid video, could use a bit of work, but well done

155: Was well done. A few cuts felt odd to me but other than that nothing really bad about it

156: Not my type of video, but it wasn’t bad. Just not for me

157: Not gonna lie, I thought this wouldn’t work well at all, but you proved me wrong. It fit oddly well and was strongly executed

158: Some sync was really good but some of the flow was really off. Could use a bit of work

159: Really liked the tone you set with this

160: This is not what I wanted today. Really good masking though. Don’t know how you had the patience for this

161: Good video with a good song

164: Felt off in some places. Work on taking out lip flaps

165: Solid idea, but it could use some work

166: The pacing was way too slow for the song and it just didn’t work

168: Enjoyed the flow and sync as well as the feel of the video. Good stuff

169: Extremely well done and really good sync

173: Made me laugh a good bit honestly. Nothing more to say about it though

174: Really well done. Loved that you showed some of the calmer moments and didn’t focus on action. Made me smile a lot

177: Amazing sync and tech. Good stuff. Crow sync for life

178: Love this. And I love that Code Geass is getting the love it deserves. Amazing stuff

179: Felt a little like it dragged on, could benefit from a song cut. Really good overall though

182: Not gonna lie, I just didn’t like it

184: Amazing video. Absolutely loved what you did with this

193: Fix letterboxing and use more than the first five minutes of the movie. That really killed the video honestly

195: Really good video and awesome sync


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