List of Known Projects (Last Update 10/19/12)

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List of Known Projects (Last Update 10/19/12)

Post by Kevmaster » Tue Jul 10, 2007 2:27 pm

Note: If anything is wrong/needs to be changed or if there is any project I should add, please tell me, so I can correct/add it 8-)

In Progress

AMV Psychopathy
Bleach: More Than Just Detergent V2
Bridging the Gap: 20[1] years in Anime
Empty Mosaic² : Torn Minds
End of the World MEP
GangnAMV Style!
The Glee MEP : Don't Stop Believing
The Green MEP
Illuminated MEP
Left Rights 2
A Magical Girl MEP: Glowing Enchantments
Mellow Project
MEP Exel
Mindless Self Indulgence 2
Open MEP Nostromegamix Trance Project
Project Chroma Blitz
Reflections of Style: Live Action
Time Travel: A Tribute to the AniMix
Tool Project X2
Video Game Project 6: Final Fantasy Hell
Worship at full Volume 2


30 Seconds to Mars
Alternate Dimensions
AMV Haos (Serbian Project)
AMV Hell 0
AMV Hell 3
AMV Hell 3.14
AMV Hell 4: The Last One
AMV Hell: Championship Edition
AMV Hell Divided by 0
The AMV Holiday Special
AMV Salad
AMV Salad 2: the Second Serving
AMV Salad 3: Three Bean Casserole
AMV Salad 4: TV Dinner
AMV Salad 5: Happy Meal
AMV Salad 6: Snack Pack
AMV - Signs of Hope and Light
The AMV Telephone Project
an AMValentine's Day
An AMValentine - 2007
An AMValentine - 2009
An AMValentine - 2012
Animasia: First Instrumentality Part I | Part II
The Anime Groove
Anime Reloaded
Anime With Sports Mep (Project AWSM)
The Aussie Pogram
BANNED! Things that are sure to get you banned from
Beatmania IIdx Project 0
Boundless Impact
BSP Collab
Cascadathon 2 : Life in Question
CascadaThon 3: Handz Up Style!
Cat On Keyboard In Space MEP
Cat On Keyboard In Space MEP 2
CB-R Got Back
CBR Heck - Studio Killer
Children Project
Christmas at
#Chronicle MEP
Chocolate Star Fish MEP
Clow's Collection Part I: The Cards of Strength
Dance Dance Revolution Nonstop Megamix Projects 1-4 | Mix 3 | Mix 2 | Mix 4 | Mix 5
Dedicated to Katrina
Dedicated To Sailor Earth's MEP
Dedicated to Sammy
The Dee Dee Dee Project
Demons Within
The Disney MEP 1 (The Wonderful World of AMV)
The Disney MEP 2 (A Whole New AMV)
The Disney MEP 3 : When You Wish Upon an AMV
Dirty Little Xmas 2007
Done To Death: An AMV Graveyard
Dragonforce MEP
Echoes of Crack
Eien No Ken MEP
Elysium: Basshunter MEP
The Fame Monster
Final Fantasy VI Character Project
Gang Rape
Go Dicks! Poes Ahoy!
Gothik II
The Happiest Video on Earth
The Hentai Project
hirogaru yami no naka
Hot Coffee 2005
Hot Coffee 2006
Hot Coffee 2007
Hot Coffee 2008
Hot Coffee 2009
The Improv Project
Iron Chef Idols 1 | 2 | 3
It Doesnt Matter
Journal Junkies MEP (JJMEP)
The Loveless MEP
Love Stories
Lucid Nightmare - The Halloween MEP
Magical & Musical - Magical Girl MEP
MEEVRARP - (Or Iron Chef Idol)
Memory Flash
Memory Flash² - Freedom
Memory Flash³ - Into The Mirror
Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute
Mindless Anime Indulgence
Mirrors of Design
Mission Improbable 1 & 2
Moonlight Melody: A Sailor Moon Music Tribute MEP
MSTRB80s - (Or Iron Chef Idol2 80s Flashback)
NES Project | Retro Video Game Project | Video Game Project 3 | Video Game Project IV: Rebirth
Never Fall Apart
Nightwish: End of an Era
Nur Geträumt MEP
The Online AMV Iron Chef Tournament v2.0 - Round 1 Compilations | Bracket 1 | Bracket 2 | Bracket 3 | Bracket 4
Operation: Introduction
Project Ayu-mix: D a y b r e a k
Project AYUMIX 2 - Release!
Project Doomrider
Project Þ
Project FMV
Project FACK! (Project Þ 2)
[url=]Project Kut-uP[/url] (Site Catalogue entry)
Project Rem Sleep
Project Trinity: Christian Rock MEP
Piyush Juneja - Nine Tailed Mix
RDS Compilation 2004
RDS vs. BSP Iron Chef Tournament - Round 1 Compilation
Reflections of Style | 2 | 3 | 5 - The Search for 4
Rise Against MEP
Road to Iron Chef
The Sega Project
Serene Thesis
Seven 7 Seven (a Christian multi-editor project)
Sevendust MEP
Short AMVs for Short People
The Silverstein MEP
SOAD 2: Rising from the Ashes
Stronger: The Female MEP
Summer at the ORG
THEEND - (Or Iron Chef Idol 3 TV Time)
Thursday MEP
Tool Project
Tornado Vasectomy! (Uncut)
Trust Company MEP
The 7.53 Project!
Typically Lost Something Forever
The Unearthed Project
A Very Cascadathon Christmas
Worship at Full Volume
Xmas Hell | 2
Yaoi Dream Puppets MEP
You've Got A Friend
Yuri Collections

The 8.47 Project!
The 9.11 Project: Skylink is a Bastard
Abingdon School Boys MEP
Adema Mep
Adrenalin [Burly Brawl]
Alternate Dimensions 2
AMV Heaven
AMV Lottery -The Luck of the Draw
AMV Road
AMV - Signs of Darkness and Grief
Anime Standup Video project
The Beatles' LOVE (An Anime MEP)
Betamax Project
The Blade Runner Project
Bleach: More than just detergent
[burly brawl project] .::choose your destination::. | Signup Thread
Chevelle Project
Christmas Project
Clow's Collection part II: The Cards of Laughter
Collision Course
Colossal Prophecy
Cryptic Writings Project
Daughtry MEP
DPRN: Daft Punk Rules the Nation
Diary of a Mars...Volta
The Doom Project [Deimos]
Dragonball in Hell
Falling In Love Again : Tribute to The Lovers in AnimeP
The Fall of Math Project
Flesh Field Strain MEP
Fundementals of Hip Hop
Genzu Project
God Hates Us All - Antichrist MEP
Ill Niño MEP - To Take My Life Back
Ill Niño MEP
Jesus of Suburbia
Journey into sync
Kamelot MEP
Korean Song MEP
Linkin Park: Revolution
Mecha-Mania - A Mechanical Monstrosity
Megadeth: Circle the Flame
Negi MEP (Spring Onion MEP)
The Nutcracker
O Come, All Ye Editors ( Holiday MEP 3)
The "Odd Pair" MEP
The Offspring
Old School TV Project
One Man MEP
The Open Casket : LP Revival
Overclocked Sync & Style Vol. 1
Prodigy mep
Project 5555 (Signup thread)
Projekct Life
Project FMV 2: Polygonal Rapture
Project Gateway
Project Slam!
Project Yellowcard: Ocean Avenue
Rage Against The Machine
RapConnection '07
''RED'' End of Silence MEP
Return Of Sailor Moon
Rocky Horror Picture Show Project
Saosin: Collapsed Voices
SR-71 rocks the new year in!
Sugarcult Mep
Third Impact
The Yoko Kanno Dedication
The Undercover MEP
Thousand Foot Krutch
Underoath: They're Only Chasing Safety
The Vocaloid MEP
Welcome To The End
The Wicked Witch of Cephiro
Witches, Fairies & Tea cups?!
Xanadu - The MEP
XX: More Than Eye Candy
Yu Yu Hakusho character mep
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Post by Knappster » Mon Aug 27, 2007 6:50 pm

sweet 8-)

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Post by Rapture** » Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:40 pm

Finaly - a new,fresh and updated list! :up:
:D I like laughter ;DD

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Post by Zero Link » Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:25 pm

Gewd job. The Chevelle Mep will be up and running again as soon as the TFK mep finishes.

Vicious Knives
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Post by Vicious Knives » Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:39 pm

Quite a comprehensive list you have there. But I'm puzzled at the absence of Reflections of Style 4. I don't see it in the "In Progress" list or even in the "Dead" list. Is The Search For 4 still ongoing? I find it hard to believe that neither planning nor development on it has begun, but maybe the good people behind 3 have decided to take some time off from what must be a very taxing MEP to make.
Time makes all things possible. I can wait.

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Post by RedSoil » Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:45 pm

good list^^

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Post by loveanime18 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 4:48 pm

Very organized. It's nice to see someone to take the time to put this all together
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Post by loveanime18 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 5:23 pm

The Yuu Yuu Hakusho Character MEP needs to get added to the In-prgress section as well ^___^'
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Post by NS » Fri Dec 28, 2007 6:03 pm

it's not really in progress yet, because it hasn't seemed to gain really any interest.. I mean, No offense. Just sayin' it hasn't really.. obtained any editors to begin yet.

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Post by AfterkillAMV » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:30 pm

oh yea put up the ACP mep its gonna be out somtime soon
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