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  • Profile: mmm... I'm way too lazy to write down something sensible and neat. I either write pages and pages (and definitely bore you to death) or other, I'll simply postpone this...
    Oh well.
    I'm new at this music video process thing, and unfortunately I study at college something completely unrelated to computers and stuff. In fact, I started using "the machine" (aka computer) 3 years ago and tried to learn as much as possible ever since. I also look forward to listening to advises and opinion, since I have so much to learn (and nobody ever thought me anything).
    Imagine this young girl, starry eyes, who one day bought a computer.
    The old man brought it home and she went like "What the h**l, now what am I going to do".
    She started with pressing "power" (it seemed a good idea back then). Later on (I'd say few months ago) I watched "Forty Days" and that's the reason why I started myself with this video thing (Oh god, am I *blaspheme* if I call the videos simply 'thing'?).

    Nothing of this makes any sense, I better leave
    /me leaves the scene unnoticed and goes drinking a pint of sweet beer

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forty days
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