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  • Member: zenmetsu
  • Studio: zenmetsu studios
  • Title: forty days
  • Premiered: 2002-06-06
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    • The Union Underground Revolution Man
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  • Comments: i'm not really sure what to say about this video. i mean, when i started working on this video, all i thought it'd amount to was a jumble of experiments and effects.

    but on the contrary, i'm now quite proud of it, and i feel it's a well-balanced dramatic video. a "self-proclaimed angel sanctuary freak" told me she thought i captured the tone and mood of the anime perfectly. i was very glad to see her enjoy it so much.

    i came up with the idea for this video even before i saw angel sanctuary (a REALLY bad idea for any amv creator, mind you). once i saw the anime and started compling the video, i was surprised at how well the song and anime came together. the lyrics don't match perfectly, but the feeling is there, which i've always considered more important anyway. with each and every section of the song, i took whatever clips from the anime seemed to fit best with the tone of the music, and then used all sorts of video tricks to make the clips fit even better. i did a lot of experimenting during the creation of this video. some effects i attempted looked wonderful, some didn't, and some.... no one would notice, but they make the composition better. the effects i didn't like i deleted and tried again. over and over again.

    i am very pleased with the effects that are in the final version of this video. i believe they fit well with the tone of both the anime and the music. but still, some effects you might not like when you view it. that's okay. almost everybody i've shown this video to asks me the same thing in the first 20 seconds: "is it supposed to look like that?"

    yeah, i get annoyed at that question, but it's okay. and no, it's not a perfect video, there are some flaws here and there. but i'm proud of this video. that's all that matters to me now.


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