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  • Profile: Hello I am Milos, I am from Serbia, and I am born in 1988.
    I love following Anime/Manga/Game titles:
    Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy, Sonic The Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Digimons, Mortal Kombat, Command & Conquer, Mega Man, Grandia, Apple Seed, Akira, Ninja Scroll...and many many others.
    I enjoy playing good old 2D games on the consoles and arcades.
    I am currently working as a freelance 3D designer, and I have been into it for the last 6 years.
    Generally I cherish friendship a lot, and love travelling, science, art and sport.

    Music: I listen everything that my ears like to hear. I really don't like to generalize it, it really all depends on a song, not on album or not even on artist. Sometimes I even fail to see a point of Genres, because everybody will have his own description of the certain band...the only way you'd know how they sound is to simply listen them and not care about which genre they are.

    If I really had to mention some artists that are exceptionally good for me, I'd say - Frank Klepacki, many OSTs from my favorite anime/cartoons/games/etc...I also like Classical music like Strauss both I and II, Bach, Offenbach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky etc...That's it roughly...

    Thank you for reading! :)

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DragonBall Z
Street Fighter II:The Animated Movie

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