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  • Member: Bandit
  • Studio: DBA - Studio
  • Title: Bardock's Last Hours
  • Premiered: 2003-04-03
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  • Songs:
    • Iceland Opera Rannveig sif sigurdardottir
    • Machine Head The blood, the sweat, the tears
    • Rhapsody Lux Triumphans
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This MV wants to show alla Bardock's contrasting feelings during his last hours of life: I used two different songs and both of them have so great changes in dynamics fit to underline the inner sensations the brave father of Goku discovers... maybe too late. He's thinking of reaching his crew for another easy won battle and finds dead bodies: shock, desperation, hope, rage, sadness, nostalgy... Everything is raging so quickly inside him and I think lyrics and sounds can perfectly describe the whole, complex situation. I tried to let the person at this side of the monitor to live for a while Bardock's expereince and try to feel the same, knowing how much sad the end will be...

    From a technical point of view, I made a large use of zoom and motions to express quick changes in character's perceptions; lightning strobes and tint effects to underline dynamics and giva a general sense of... Mood. Blur effects and ghosting to create a sort of distorted perception of the paste and of the future that could be and show that Bardock begins just now to understand how much he cares about true values such as love and friendship... Dismissing all that false illusions that a life under Frieza commands had generated: now everything is not so blurry and he's starting to see clearly!
    Audio effects were applied in mixing the songs and underline crescendos. Reverber and echos when Bardock's recalls past.

    Just a note about download: clicking the link you'll find a page where this Mv is reviewed (it's the second one, listed after "Any Given Sunday Trailer"). Music Videos is divided into 7 files and it will automatically reassemple itself by running the first file that is an executable (.exe). So simple!! ^_^

    Enjoy it and please give opinions!!

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