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  • Members: Autraya, MaximoffZero
  • Studio: Walkre
  • Title: Live to Fight
  • Premiered: 2007-06-26
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    • Disturbed I'm Alive
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    Autraya :
    This Collab started about 5 months ago I think, when I noticed this new face popping up on the forums, here was this relatively new editor straight in the deep end and slogging it out the hard way from the beginning.
    His style was almost retro and it reminded my of Rubyeye whos one of my favourite editors, his music was also retro and gave me flashbacks of boofy hair, arcade games and legwarmers that were the 80s although with each video his style grew and evolved he was also possessed of a sense of humour. Yup thats MaximoffZero, so one day after seeing some AVS he had written for Streetfighter and unabashedly stealing it I took a gamble and asked him to make this video with me, a platform fighting game turned anime, video, funny thing was although this is was cheesy idea he didnt laugh and I think its because we are similar in age and that both of us spent waaay to much time in arcades as kids.
    And wow! Rob is so easy to work with! Initially we were worried wed have to lift our game to get near the other ppls ability that were in the MEP but after much waiting (and dwindling HD space from my MEP whoring) I felt the need to move forward and cut them. Now months down the track its finally finished and I gotta say his segment totally pwns mine, Id like to steal his editing ability and put it in my own brain, hes this good with no beta tester.

    Originally I was planning to use other SF footage because I thought SF Alpha was a dumb ass movie, but I found that it was the best quality wise for making an AMV even though I had to convert sucky PAL to NTSC.

    Autraya was basically my first fan here on She was the first one to comment and leave an op for ""Fire!", my first major AMV since I joined the site. I took a look at some of her stuff too and I liked how her stuff was more focused on footage and less on effects yet still managed to be entertaining. And then on the AviSynth forum we discovered that we both liked Street Fighter II V and I shared with her my experimental scripts for noise filtering the anime...which she then stole (not that I was going to stop her anyway). Afterwards, she sent me a PM asking me to do this fighting-game-gone-anime project with her. I jumped right on it. Cheesy idea? Yes, but like she said I'm a big fan of "retro" stuff so I have no problem with cheese. lol.

    It was decided that she would do Street Fighter (originally "II V", then "Alpha") and I would do Darkstalkers. Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge is the anime that got me into anime as well as where I get my screen name from (the first part of it anyway), yet I had never made an AMV with it. Since the idea of this video was fighting-game-turned-anime, I decided it was high time that I did. There was debate of having a third person do King of Fighters and/or Tekken, but that idea was ultimately scrapped. I'm kind of glad it was even though that meant more editing for me and Danielle because now it's a Capcom-only AMV, which I think makes more sense.

    I would like to thank Autraya not only for being my first fan, but also for setting me up on my first MEP. She's great to work with and very knowledgeable about both AMV and the Org itself, which helped me a lot since I'm technically still a n00b here. She says that my part "pwns" hers, but I think she's being modest. Her part I think has better flow than mine, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

    To all those who like old-school editing, this one's for you!

    * * * *

    Programs/Stuff Used: Premiere Pro, After Effects, VirtualDubMod, AVS, DGIndex, Beesweet, ZarxGUI, RiotGear, Photoshop
    Total time taken: We gave up counting

    MaximoffZero: Dark Stalkers
    Intro & Outro
    0.15- 0.18

    Autraya: Street Fighter
    Project coordination
    0.02 - 0.06
    1.33 -2.48

    Special Thanks to:
    Cal #1 For Beta testing and STILL hating "THAT" bit.
    Cal #2 for disagreeing with Cal #1
    Mini-Kun For hosting, and beta comments even if they were too late and disagreeing with both Cal #1 & #2 about "THAT" bit.
    Brett For kicking my ASS! >:3
    And to anyone i missed thanks fer ya halp

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