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    I'm a girl. I make AMV's. No, that’s not an oxymoron.

    Specifically, I'm 20, and I've been making AMV's for a few years. I've won the Northern Lights award at Anime North two years running and have a “Best Misc” (the best category title EVER) win from CN Anime 2004 under my belt as well.

    I use Premiere 6.5 and Virtual Dub, and have to thank my computer guy, Robert Tang-Wai at Computer Matrix Consulting for all the help he's given me. ^^ A huge thanks also goes out to my friends who let me pilfer their anime DVD shelves on a monthly basis, because without them, I'd have nothing done.

    I'm loud and quite talkative, which seems to leave me in a bit of a minority for the AMV maker crowd, but it does mean I'm always up for a chat, online or through e-mail. Especially through e-mail. *privately hates messengers*

    I attend Anime North every year, as well as CN Anime, and am considering hitting some Southern cons next year, providing I have the monetary funds for it. I’m rather elusive at cons as I cosplay, but if you ever want to chat in person, drop me a note before con and we can hook up. Or I can at least give you a description. ^^

    There's a big ol’ story behind the name Anamorphic Productions, but I don't feel like typing it. Let’s just say the name sounded nice, and so I used it. I still haven't made an actual Anamorphic production yet, though.

    Feel free to leave an opinion or e-mail me. I'd certainly welcome the feedback.
    And I do my best to reply to opinions given, good or bad.

    And now, the obligatory quote.
    “Falling can be flying, if you’re looking up.”


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Magic Knight Rayearth (TV Series 1)
Princess Mononoke
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Serial Experiments Lain
Pet Shop Of Horrors
Cowboy Bebop
Cardcaptor Sakura
Sailor Moon
D4 Princess

My Videos (5)

  • Tribute To Heroes (2002-05-25)
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    • Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott Hero
    • Gundam Wing
    • Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
    • Action
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  • Zombie (2003-05-17)
    [hits: 18479][opinions: 92]
    • Cranberries Zombie
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  • [hits: 3362][opinions: 10]
    • Our Lady Peace All For You
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Action
    • Character Profile
    • Drama
    • Serious
  • Delirium (2004-05-21)
    [hits: 54668][opinions: 112]
    • Derude Children vs the Sandstorm
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    • Dance
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  • Free from Gravity (2005-02-01)
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    • Our Lady Peace Somewhere Out There
    • Arjuna (Earth Girl Arjuna)
    • Character Profile
    • Drama
    • Romance
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