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  • ..Look at me not sleep. 2005-01-17 00:09:45 Well, who needs to go to work?

    People are still leaving me reviews for Delirium, which I could kiss them for. I got so very little feedback in person for that vid (minus the round of "awesome" and "cool", so actual, even remotely constructive feedback is the work of gods in my mind.

    I really hope it goes somewhere for the VCA's.... 
  • Top 10% 2005-01-14 01:28:25 I just discovered (along with being nominated for best dance) that Delirium is in the TOP 10% for the org.

    If I could backflip out of joy, I would.

    This kicks SO much ass. I'd never realized I'd even be able to place there, considering what has the #1 spot. But I'm sitting at 172 and am.... really, really surprised and happy and giddy.

    Stupid girl-ness.

    You! Go watch Delirium!
    *does the monkey point* 
  • I'm pathetically sad. 2004-03-14 01:14:30 This being my *second* update... I REALLY need to actually keep up with this.

    So, while I'm waiting for some vids to DL, I'll pop off a wuick journal entry. Be warned, it won't be spell checked, and it's 1am.

    My latest video concept, a 'seizure' video, is comming along swimmingly. I've just exported the first three minutes, and it's GORGEUS. after this, I know I'll never use low quality footage, and NEVER tapes again. I'm hooked on my dvd. :P

    The I'm REALLY happy with the editing on this specifically. While theres one or two spots I'm not thrilled with, I can always fix them later, and they're suitable at the moment. ^^ I really think I'm going to impress (though that's not the right word, it'll do for now) the viewers at AN. I think it's award worthy, though even if It doesn't win, i'll still be happy. I took an interesting concept I had and actually made a decent video out of it- I am therefore VERY happy.

    I'm already thinking about the blurb I'll need to send with the entry. Which will probably end up in the description page as well.

    "There are videos that are made to tell a story.
    And there videos meant to portray a mood.
    And then there are videos made to simply look GOOD.
    This is one of them."

    I'm evil, I know. ^^

    I'm probably going to upload it the day before I leave for con, and add in information about how it was recieved later.

    On a side note, I can't edit my video information at the moment. Is that normal, or is that just AMV being ornery?

    Ai. Tired now. must sleep. I'm moving tomorrow, and need to pack. :P
    For anyone actually reading this, oyasumi (Or however it's spelled in romaji)
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 2003-08-02 22:19:40 Hoooo boy. I HATE adobe sometimes. Here's the rundown of my last week:

    My computer is toast for making vids right now. So a GRACIOUS, wonderful friend offers to let me use hers to make a video for CN anime. The deadline of which, is a week away from her offering- as in, FRIDAY. (this last Friday, to be exact)

    So me? I jump the gun and head on out. Live in her basement for the entirety of a Saturday. Work on adobe. it crashes. ok....

    Work on adobe. So, maybe 5-9 seconds of vid. Save. Work more. Save. Crash. Re-open. Re-do lost work. Save. Work more. Crash. Re-open. Redo lost work. Work. save. Work more Save. Crash. .....

    See the pattern?

    So her computer fiend friend comes over, says yaddayaddayadda I can fix no prob will be ok for tomorrow...

    I go home, return on Sunday, to find my saving problem is gone, but my EXPORTING problem is still there...

    Spend 3 flipping hours figuring out the problem, spend another 5 hours converting all of my captured MPEG files into AVI, thereby loosing quality ALREADY from my DVD caps... *sighs* Re-name each file as its original, change folder names, and then RETELL Adobe where EACH of my *180* files are, so that I don't loose the minute of work I'd managed on Saturday.

    Continue working through the week. Not to mention somehow juggling my real life somewhere in there... Try to export as an MPEG (new adobe feature Yay!) Thursday to send Friday- Computer does not LIKE mpeg encoder. Freezes at 5425 frames. SIX times. I go home. Sulk.

    Vicki calls me back in Friday morning to give it one more shot. We try everything- eventually, I bite the bullet. Export as an AVI, THEN put it BACK into Adobe to export as MPEG. tick it onto a cd. Write out information, and mail it off.


    *smashes head into wall*

    The plus sides:
    I Still don't hate the song!
    I think I like the vid, more or less, even if my ending is rushed and the things been compressed FOUR BLOODY TIMES. So much for DVD quality....
    The thing is DONE
    I managed to finish another VID off the list of fifty or more...
    I *THINK* it's contest worthy. Can't tell though, you can never know with CN.....


    I'm not looking at Premiere for a VERY long time.

    I REALLY think that program hates me.

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