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  • Member: Anamorphic Productions
  • Studio: Anamorphic Productions
  • Title: Marionette (Puppet on a String)
  • Premiered: 2003-08-04
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    • Our Lady Peace All For You
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  • Comments: Oh GOD..... I'm amazed I finished this video.

    If you download but never read the blurb the creator writes, I warn you now- PREMIERE HATES RED.

    *sigh* It's a long story. the short version is that this video was once DVD footage, but now looks like decent net rips, or fansubs. It's been compressed in process 4 times. And any shot with the colour red in it was eaten alive by my capture card adn primeire, so you have been warned.

    This is a general "eva Vid" othing exemplary, This I know. I'm not entirely happy with this, but a deadline is a deadline and I wanted to finish through hell or High water. Shinji vs Gendo. Doubtless it's already been done, but I haevn't seen it so I tried myself.

    The song is All For You by Our Lady Peace- the chorus-

    It's all for you
    You got me where you want
    All for you
    Stop breaking my heart
    You're the blood of the seed
    And that's all that i need
    You got me where you want
    All for you
    Stop breaking my heart

    It fits (With the rest of the song) really well with EVA.

    If you download the vid, I'd really appreciate it if you left an opinion, and you can certainly expect a reply back.

    The creative/technical side- my FIRST attempt at lip syncing....*sghs* Well, it's not that bad, right? Oi.. THAT will need practise...

    The LONG version of hell: (pretty much cut ou of my journal becasue I REALLY don't want to re type it..)


    Hoooo boy. I HATE adobe sometimes. Here's the rundown of my last week:

    My computer is toast for making vids right now. So a GRACIOUS, *wonderful* friend offers to let me use hers to make a video for CN anime. The deadline of which, is a week away from her offering- as in, FRIDAY. (this last Friday, to be exact)

    So me? I jump the gun and head on out. Live in her basement for the entirety of a Saturday. Work on adobe. it crashes. ok....

    Work on adobe. So, maybe 5-9 seconds of vid. Save. Work more. Save. Crash. Re-open. Re-do lost work. Save. Work more. Crash. Re-open. Redo lost work. Work. save. Work more Save. Crash. .....

    See the pattern?

    So her computer fiend friend comes over, says yaddayaddayadda I can fix no prob will be ok for tomorrow...

    I go home, return on Sunday, to find my saving problem is gone, but my EXPORTING problem is still there...

    Spend 3 flipping hours figuring out the problem, spend another 5 hours converting all of my captured MPEG files into AVI, thereby loosing quality ALREADY from my DVD caps... *sighs* Re-name each file as its original, change folder names, and then RETELL Adobe where EACH of my *180* files are, so that I don't loose the minute of work I'd managed on Saturday.

    Continue working through the week. Not to mention somehow juggling my real life somewhere in there... Try to export as an MPEG (new adobe feature Yay!) Thursday to send Friday- Computer does not LIKE mpeg encoder. Freezes at 5425 frames. SIX times. I go home. Sulk.

    Vicki calls me back in Friday morning to give it one more shot. We try everything- eventually, I bite the bullet. Export as an AVI, THEN put it BACK into Adobe to export as MPEG. tick it onto a cd. Write out information, and mail it off.


    *smashes head into wall*

    The plus sides:

    I Still don't hate the song!

    I think I like the vid, more or less, even if my ending is rushed and the things been compressed FOUR BLOODY TIMES. So much for DVD quality....

    The thing is DONE

    I managed to finish another VID off the list of fifty or more...

    I *THINK* it's contest worthy. Can't tell though, you can never know with CN.....


    I'm not looking at Premiere for a VERY long time.

    I REALLY think that program hates me.


    Please leave an opinion, and enjoy!

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