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  • Profile: Hello, my name (or should I say alias) is Dark Angel

    I'm 27 years old from a small area of England, I have been following anime since I was only 12 years old when a friend of mine got me to watch Legends of the overfiend with him whilst our mothers were at the shops...I wouldn't say it was the perfect anime to begin with but ideal behind it, the fact that there was animation to enjoy beyond your childhood was something that to me was almost 'magical'.

    I start scrowing the TV looking for any and all types of Japanese animation finding such series like evangelion, cowboy bebop, shaman king, outlaw star and tench muyo to classic movies including roujin z, patlabor, Akira and ghost in the shell :) I would record all I could and even go myself a DVD recorder to make sure I captured any and all anime I found.

    I began buying my anime after I learnt that some of the series I was watching on TV was being edited and modified to be more 'suitable for children' and I didn't wanna see that, I wanted to hear the swearing, see the blood and witness the nudity as the anime intended to show us, I spent quite a bit of my own cash to accumulate a collection of over 300 anime series and movies on VHS and DVD and I have yet to part with any of my old set :).

    Recently I have started to venture out of just the sets by buying clothes, posters, name it I probably tried or did it for my anime addiction is really strong and I'm not ashamed to admit that but my favourite thing to do which is only possible cos of a HDD full of anime (over 300, makes my collection around 600 in total) which I use to covert, edit and paste together my AMVs :) it's quite a joy to me when I finish my work and then watch as they rake up the views on YouTube.

    When I first started making my AMVs I opted to work with a free software called avs4you mainly because it was simple to use and produce some reasonable results which was all I really wanted at the time and I managed to create some really nice videos including my D Gray Man which has made a good 1,200+ views which is more than I could ask for.

    Sadly after I had purchased the software in order to rid future videos of an annoying stamp that appeared at the beginning and end of my first lot of amv and completed my latest amv The software malfunctioned and I had to search for a new software so I downloaded every movie maker I could including Sony Vegas but I ended up going with cyberlink powerdirector 9 because again I could use it, it was simple and produced excellent results as you can see from the video I have uploaded on this site.

    If you have any questions you would like to ask you then feel free to ask and I will answer them as soon as possible, always feel free to share your opinions on my videos good or bad so I might learn from my pros and mistakes :)

    Thank you for reading

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