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  • Member: DarkAngelAMV
  • Title: Dark Angel first attempt at AMV
  • Premiered: 2012-02-22
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  • Comments: Ok the first AMV is from Soul Eater, a really good anime series about shinigami in training and their quest to make their weapon Death Scythes.
    This AMV happens in Episode 5 of the series so there is no chance of any spoilers that will ruin the series in anime way shape or form (unless of course you find the introduction of new characters a spoiler to which you may wish to watch episode 1 - 5 first before viewing)
    I Hope you enjoy the video, watch out for my next video coming in the future.

    Please remember to leave comment below telling me what you thought of my video, i don't mind if its praise and ridicule all reviews will make future videos better hopefully.

    until then this is Dark Angel signing off...

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